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January 20, 2016Digital Publication Plugin

Have you ever wanted to give your website the look and feel of flipping through a magazine? Well you can, just by using a Digital Publication plugin by Supsystic. It is fantastic flip-page plugin that replicate the same effect we enjoy when flipping photo albums and magazines from one page to another. Instead of showcasing all your images and links on a bland page, make them more animated and interactive with flip-page effects. If you want to showcase your sales brochures and product catalogs, I’m sure – our plugin is the best solution for you. WordPress Digital Publication by Supsystic provides an effective attraction for customer to look as they are reading a real book. The main advantage of using our digital book plugin is that it allows you to showcase more contents to the visitor in an impressive way.

Here are a few examples of digital publications by Supsystic.

It is an ideal solution for recipe books and online diaries, product catalogs and sales brochures.

Digital Publication Example of Cookbook


Digital Publication Example of Furniture Catalog


Digital Publication by Supsystic is very easy to use plugin!

  1. Set the name, width and height of digital publication.
  2. Create pages in different ways –
    • Create new pages using WordPress
    • Add images from WordPress Gallery
    • Add images from FTP
    • Add pages using PDF Import
    • Add pages using Facebook Import
  3. Customize other settings of publication –
    • Area and publication background type
    • Cover type
    • Flip sound
    • Transition Direction
    • Border Shadow
    • Toolbar Design
    • And more ..
  4. Add digital publication into the site content via shortcode or php code.


If you want to optimize the user experience of your WordPress website, you may take WordPress Digital Publication into your content strategy. An amazing animated page flipping will catch the attention of visitors, boost page views and drive traffic to your website.

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