Contact Form Fields

Your users contact types can be really different and this because only your needs and requirements you can choose the one, two, three you need. The only thing you should remember while creating your contact form, that the less user should fill in the more he fills.

Contact Form plugin by Supsystic definitely allows you to create as much checkboxes as you want and to create such fields as you need. You have no limited in the number of fields, types of information you need and even in design of the contact form. The insert Fields allows you not only to put or delete fields, but at all see the preview of the future contact form below all the options. It’s the great way not only to create the visual appearance of the table, but also to check the minimal changes and details.

Fields Settings of Contact Form

First of all, to add a new field – you need to press the same button and then choose the one you need. If you want to drag or remove some fields – use for this very easy and intuitively understandable editor of the fields.

User-friendly interface of the plugin is easy even for those who firstly see the WordPress admin area and firstly customize it for blog/site/gallery. The positive side of the plugin, is that you can change everything you need from the font and words, which are in boxes to the icons, size and general view of the form.

Don’t forget that you have a great variety of options for customization, changing each field and detail. For example, when you click on the field you will see the three-level editor window.

  • Basic Settings – here you can change the normal settings of each field like Name, Label, Icon etc
  • Advanced Settings – for expert user. Here you change the size, minimum length, additional styles etc
  • Field Validation – this is a maximum useful options for long contact forms. Change the content like available only numbers, only letters etc

Different types of fields that you can add allow you to gather approximately all the info you need: you can create a list with checkboxes, ask the country location, make some hidden field and even change the submit/reset buttons. In addition, Supsystics’ Contact Form plugin allows to add into your WordPress site the radiobutton list, reCaptcha field. And what is the most pleasant – all these functions are free and you do not need to pay anything after installing. Only the “File Upload” field type is available in PRO version of Contact Form plugin.

Field types of Contact Form

Contact Form by Supsystic allows you to create the normal form without any dull content. Gathering of information can be not only formal, but can be in the same style as the whole site, according to the branding. Your table after all would be the most minimalistic but informal, you will get all the messages directly into email and be always in touch with all your customers and clients anytime. Be with all the contacts anywhere, Contact Form plugin is the most useful organizer for business you ever had.

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