Stunning Markers List types for your Google Map!

Looking for a good google maps plugin

Are you looking to add Google Maps on your WordPress site? Choose Google Maps Easy plugin by Supsystic! It gives you a great balance between simplicity and functionality and allows to create an awesome map with unique features in a relatively small amount of time.

Google Maps Easy Plugin is a great solution for location based listings. It will be very helpful if you have websites like store listings, hotel listings, job listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, travel blog and more – to list your locations on Google map and easily move through it using a slider carousel of markers.
With WordPress Google Maps Easy, your locations will be listed on both Google map (as markers) and a slider carousel (as locations details), this last will be related to the map, which means that the selected item in the carousel will target its location in the map and vice versa. In order to enable carousel list of your markers – find «Markers List» option on Map Properties tab and select markers list type. Our Google Maps plugin allows you to choose different markers list types –

  • Slider carousel with image and text description
  • Slider carousel with images
  • Vertical slider carousel with text description
  • Vertical slider carousel with images
  • Vertical slider carousel with thumbnails in 2 columns
  • Table list

Here you can get more information, enjoy the examples of carousel markers list and some more.

Let’s check some markers list types more detail!

For example you run a travel blog, and you want a fully functional Google Map with all the bells and whistles to let your readers know which places of the world you have visited. Here is a nice example of such map. With slider carousel of markers you can show the photo and short description about this place. To get more info about place – users can click on the slide.


Or you have a blog about food, restaurants, bars etc. It will cool to showcase your followers the top list of best restaurants or cafes with google map in attachment. With our Google Maps solution you can create awesome map with slider marker list of restaurants addresses. Besides you can add «get direction» button for each marker – in order your readers could easily find the route from their location to this place.

Also Google Maps Easy will be useful for owners of hotel/restaurant/shop/coffeehouse chain. Using Table view of markers list you can easily divide your business by region, cities, countries or districts. Below you can check the example of map with coffeehouse chain of New York divided by boroughs.


WordPress Google Maps Easy plugin is a great tool for your business! It is your chance to be on the top, so hurry up to try our Google Maps plugin and enjoy the Demos!

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