Plugin Pricing

Prices for individual plugins are the result of options YOU select.

It comprises two key elements.

1. How many websites you plan to use a plugin on.

2. The number of years you choose to license your plugin(s).


(Single Site)


(up to 5 Sites)


(6 plus Sites)

1 Year License $46 $69 $149
2 Year License $59 $109 $239
3 Year License $79 $149 $319

2 Years = 35% Savings

3 Years = 43% Savings

You select these options for each product purchased during the checkout process.

But wait... even bigger savings are available with our bundle options below.

Bundle Buys - Where the Best Value Lives

Bundle Buys are the perfect solution for those who understand the importance of having "all your plugins nicely together".

If you've been around plugins for a while, you'll know it's much more than just a catch cry! There's not much more frustrating than when a glitch comes from nowhere!

We understand that many of our customers use a number of our plugins - but not all customers need all of them. That's where Bundle Buys come in.

We identified which plugins are most often purchased together and made up Bundle Buy packages. These Bundle Buys are easily the best value - offering huge savings of up to 92%. This is usually where our returning customer head to...

Here's a pricing example for a Personal (Single Site) application purchasing a 3 plugin Bundle.

Example: For a Single Site with 3 Plugin Bundle

1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
Yearly Renewal - $ 138 $ 276 $ 414
Bundle Price - $ 90 $ 117 $ 140
Savings - $ 48 $ 159 $ 274
Discount - 35% 58% 66%

Yearly Renewal: buying individual plugins at $46 ea
(Yr 1: 3 x $46 = $138)

And another example for a Developer (2-5 Sites) purchasing a 5 plugin Bundle.

Example: For a Developer with a 5 Plugin Bundle

1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
Yearly Renewal - $ 345 $ 690 $ 1,035
Bundle Price - $ 190 $ 247 $ 296
Savings - $ 155 $ 443 $ 739
Discount - 45% 64% 71%

Yearly Renewal: buying Dev Packs at $69 ea
(Yr 1: 5 x $79 = $345)

And an ENTERPRISE (more than 6 Sites) with a 12 Plugin Bundle.

Example: For ENTERPRISE with a 12 Plugin Bundle

1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
Yearly Renewal - $ 1,788 $ 3,576 $ 5,364
Bundle Price - $ 281 $ 365 $ 438
Savings - $ 1,507 $ 3,211 $ 4,926
Discount - 84% 90% 92%

Yearly Renewal: buying Ent Packs at $149 ea
(Yr 1: 12 x $149 = $1,788)

Google Maps + Ultimate Maps.

Coming Soon + Pop Up + Slider + Photo Gallery + Pricing Table + Data Table Generator.

Our entire Suite of Plugins (Best Value)

(Click on the link above to visit the individual Bundle Buy chapter for detailed pricing)

Remember: ALL Bundle Buys are backed by our 30 Money Back Guarantee!

Choose plugin
Photo Gallery Plugin
Photo and Video Gallery Plugin with a great number of layouts and options.
Data Tables Generator
Create and manage beautiful data tables with custom design. No HTML knowledge is required.
Pricing Table
It's never been so easy to create and manage pricing and comparison tables with a pricing table builder.
Maps Plugin
Google Maps Easy
Display custom Google Maps. Set markers and locations with text, images, categories and links.
Maps plugin
Ultimate Maps
Сomplete mapping WordPress plugin. Integration with Bing map, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet and more
Popup Plugin
The Best WordPress Popup plugin to help you gain more subscribers, social followers or advertisement.
Contact Form Plugin
One of the best plugin for creating Contact Forms. Changeable fonts, backgrounds, adding fields etc.
Slider Plugin
Creating slideshows with Slider plugin is fast and easy. Set slide captions, links and SEO fields.
Social Share Buttons
Social Share plugin to increase social traffic and popularity. Facebook, Twitter and others..
Coming Soon Plugin
Coming soon page with drag-and-drop builder, under construction or maintenance mode, subscribtion.
Digital Publication Plugin
Digital Publication WordPress Plugin for Magazines, Catalogs, Portfolios. Convert images, posts, PDF.
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