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Create online community easily with restricted content or products, setup fees, paid registration, membership levels and dripping content. All this and much more with Ecommerce addon for Membership by Supsystic.

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This plugin is has been retired, and will no longer be supported.
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How to install PRO addon of Membership plugin?
To install PRO addon of Membership plugin by Supsystic follow next steps:
    1. Install and activate the latest Free version of Membership plugin.
    2. Download zip archive with PRO addon from your personal account on the - you will find a unique download link after purchase.
    3. Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
    4. Upload the archive.
    5. When the installation has completed, click "Activate Plugin".
    6. After activation the PRO addon, you need to enter license key (you can find it in your personal account on our site).
To do this follow next steps:
  1. Go to the Membership plugin in Wordpress navigation menu.
  2. Click License tab on left navigation menu of plugin.
  3. Enter your email and license key.
  4. Click "Activate Addons" button.
How to use Membership Ecommerce?
If you want to create paid membership website and sell your courses, knowledges, real or digital product, you need Membership Ecommerce extension. Sometimes with great power comes great complexity, but not in this case. Learn how to setup Ecommerce in a minutes.
What is Dripping Content?
Release your content with regular intervals.Provide some info from time to time, but in strict terms. Thus involving members come back to keep getting next content output. So, you create the calendar of new info editions at once and allow lots of people get access to this content. But info is restricted by you in it’s amounts for different members and related to the time being an active member.Read more..
How to use shortcode of Purchase button?
With Membership E-Commerce addon you can use Purchase button shortcode where you want on your membership site.[supsystic-membership-level-add-url id="1"] , where 1 - is ID of your membership level.Paste this shortcode as a link for some text on page. Note! You need to add this shortcode only in Visual editor.Also you can use it in different plugins which support shortcodes. For example, in our Pricing Tables by Supsystic.Read more..
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