Gallery Settings

Photo Gallery by Supsystic is a great plugin that helps you to visualise any website and make it more colourful and attractive for users. There are many features and options that can be used to customize gallery, so it would fit more to the style of a website and to specific needs. Here are the options of WordPress Photo Gallery plugin:

  • Images List
  • Description: This tab allows to customize images and their displaying on frontend of your website. There are the following options:

    • Caption
    • Caption Effect – will work if you enable “Personal Caption” option on Caption tab
    • Description (PRO) – write description for each image
    • SEO – write SEO for each image
    • Link – add link to the image
    • Video (PRO)
    • Categories (PRO)
    • Linked Images (PRO) – you can add several linked images to a certain picture, they all will be shown in popup window Check more here
    • Crop – select what part if image to display, if it is too big for a thumbnail.
    • Replace Image – you can replace any image with another one, all the settings like caption, link, position, etc. will be the same
    • Image on hover (PRO) – upload picture for each image separately and it will be shown on the place of the current one (note, that ‘Personal Captions’ option should be enabled)
    • Add category in a bulk (PRO) – here you can create, delete or select an existing category for images
    • Sort images
    • Search

  • Main Settings
  • Basic configuration

    Description: In this block you can edit the layout of your gallery and images, specifying size of gallery as well as images, select a position for gallery and so on. There are the following options in this block:

    • Gallery Type: fixed, vertical, horizontal and fixed columns. More info here
    • Gallery Name
    • Gallery Position: gallery could be displayed in the center, or on the left or right sides.
    • Images distance
    • Gallery width
    • Full screen width
    • Gallery padding
    • Image width
    • Image height
    • Image radius
    • Image crop quality
    • Display only first image – when this option is enabled, only first picture from this gallery will be displayed. The other pictures will be displayed in the popup window after clicking on the first picture.
    • Open by link in popup (PRO) – if this option is enabled, then when one clicks on the special link, photos of gallery will be opened directly in popup.
    • Disable right click (PRO)
    fixed gallery type1
    vertical gallery type

    Social Sharing

    Description: this block allows display social buttons right on images, in popup or in the whole gallery. To use these options you need to have installed Social Share Buttons plugin by Supsystic. Here you can find the following features:

    • Social Buttons Project
    • Gallery Sharing
    • Image Sharing
    • Buttons position
    • Buttons align
    • Popup Image Sharing
    • Buttons position
    • Buttons align
    Social Share in Gallery plugin
    Popup sharing in Photo Gallery plugin

    Load More Button (PRO)

    Description: If you have a huge amount of images in a gallery, then this block is implemented for you. Just use Load more button to reduce the time of loading of Gallery. It will load the specified number of images. The rest of them your customer will see after clicking on Load More button. There are such option:

    • Load with scroll
    • Load more button text
    • Loading text
    • Images amount – images that will be displayed at first.
    • Load more amount – images that will be displayed after clicking on Load More button or scrolling.
    Load More button in Photo Gallery plugin
    Load More Button in WordPress Photo Gallery plugin

    Custom Buttons (PRO)

    Description: Here you can build the design of all your buttons, which are used in Photo Gallery, like Load More button, buttons for categories, pagination and so on.

    • Custom class
    • Text color
    • Background color
    • Font family
    • Font size
    • Font weight
    • Vertical padding
    • Horizontal padding
    • Border style
    • Border width
    • Border color
    • Border radius
    Custom buttons in Photo Gallery plugin
    Custom Buttons example in Photo Gallery plugin

    Horizontal Scroll

    Description: This feature allows to display all images in one line. The scroll bar will appear, which will give user opportunity to see all images. Here you can customize:

    • Scroll Bar Color
    • Scroll Bar Transparency

    Horizontal Scroll in Gallery plugin

    Border Type

    There are the following border types:

    • Solid
    • Dotted
    • Dashed
    • Double
    • Groove
    • Ridge
    • Inset
    • Outset
    Border settings in Photo Gallery plugin
    Border example in Photo Gallery plugin


    Description: This option helps you not only to set a shadow for each image, but also to set color and blur for it. Here are the following options:

    • Shadow preset
    • When mouse is over
    • Overlay image with shadow
    • Shadow color
    • Shadow blur
    • Shadow X
    • Shadow Y
    Shadow example in Photo Gallery plugin
    Shadow settings on Photo Gallery plugin

    Pop-up Image

    Description: Allows you to customize popup window for your images. There you’ll find:

    • Popup box theme
    • Disable on mobile
    • Popup Image Text – here you can select to show caption, title, alt text or description in popup window.
    • Hide Popup Captions
    • Background color
    • Transparency
    • Slideshow
    • Popup Image size
    • Video size (PRO)
    • Autoplay video (PRO)
    • When video ends (PRO) – here you can select to do nothing, open next slide or close popup.
    Popup settings in Photo Gallery by Supsystic
    Popup example in Photo Gallery plugin

    Gallery Loader

    Description: Customize the loader sign, while images are loading.

    • Background Color (PRO)
    • Choose Icon (PRO)

    Loader option in Photo Gallery plugin

  • Captions
  • Captions

    Description: Here you will find settings of caption effect, font, polaroid style, videlicet:

    • Effect
    • Image on hover (PRO) – if this effect is enabled, the other image will be shown on the place of the current one, when hovering on it
    • Personal captions – enables different caption effect for different images.
    • Polaroid Style – displays images with special polaroid frame.
      • Polaroid Image Animation – enables animation on hover for polaroid effect.
      • Polaroid Image Scattering – enables scattering for images.
      • Polaroid Frame Width
    • Background color
    • Text color
    • Transparency
    • Text size
    • Text horizontal align
    • Text vertical align
    • Font family
    • Hide image title tooltip
    • Mobile – show always caption – disables caption effect for mobile devices, thus captions will always be visible.
    Caption settings in Photo Gallery plugin
    Polaroid Gallery in Photo Gallery plugin


    Description: This block allows to turn on and customize icons for images:

    • Select effect
    • Icons color
    • Icons hover color
    • Background color
    • Background hover color
    • Icons size
    • Distance between icons
    • Show overlay
    • Overlay color
    • Overlay transparency
    Icons option in Photo Gallery plugin
    Icons example in Photo Gallery by Supsytic


  • Categories
  • Categories (PRO)

    Description: Select categories and its displaying in gallery. There are such options:

    • Hide “All” category
    • Enable shuffling animation
    • Animation duration
    • Position
    • Align
    • Categories order
    Categories in Photo Gallery plugin
    Categories example in WordPress Photo Gallery plugin

    Pagination (PRO)

    Description: If there are many images in a gallery – use this option. It will help to reduce loading time of gallery.

    • Images per page
    • Buttons position
    • Align
    Pagination example in Photo Gallery plugin
    Pagination in Photo Gallery plugin


  • Posts (PRO)
  • Description: Photo Gallery plugin allows to add not only images to your gallery, but to create it from posts or pages. Here you will find:

    • Posts layout
    • Posts layout style: fixed, animated, cover, description, expression, slide up.
    • Auto posts – with this option several posts could be added at once, just specify the number and category.
    • Add post
    • Add page
    • Show author
    • Show date
    • Show contents
    • Show categories
    Posts example in Photo Gallery plugin
    Posts on Photo Gallery plugin
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