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Design Customization

With Membership plugin you have ability to customize your Community site as you want without any special skills. Plugin permits to change the front-end appearance of membership website. Find the design configurations on Design tab.

In General section you can edit such features –

  1. Profile image style – modify the form of users avatars to circle, square or with rounded corners.
    Profile image style of Membership Plugin
  2. Default theme colors – enable default theme colors.
  3. Set colors in Buttons block to produce the own style of primary and secondary buttons for your Membership community.
  4. Inputs allows to edit colors of field elements – border, background and text label.

In User Profile section you can adjust the maximum width of Background photo by Profile Container Max Width, the Color Profile Header Background and decide if you want the user’s name will or won’t be displayed.

Click Registration and Login division to edit the texts of registration/login buttons. You may add Login Secondary Button URL a little below. Also select to show or not buttons remember me and Login secondary button.

In Members Directory it’s possible to adopt next moments –

  1. Which user roles you want to show on Members Directory of your Community site –
    • All
    • Membership user
    • Membership administrator
  2. To establish, if you want to see Only Members With Photo/Cover or no.
  3. Favor how you want system to show Default Sort Users By:
    • New users First
    • Old Users First
    • Last name
    • First name
    • Random