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Coming Soon Plugin

Choose professional coming soon template and edit content with drag-and-drop builder to show your visitors that you website is under construction or maintenance mode with Coming Soon WordPress plugin by Suspsystic. Collect emails, get social likes and shares. Launch page becomes easy with Coming Soon WP plugin by Supsystic.

Coming Soon Features

  • Professional Coming Soon Templates
  • Responsive Design
  • Under Construction (Maintenance Mode) option
  • Completely customizable coming soon design with drag-and-drop builder. Including launch page background, logo, fonts, social buttons
  • Subscription Option
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Easily add Custom CSS and HTML
  • Multisite Support
  • Coming Soon page live preview

Coming Soon Examples

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FAQ and Documentation

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Coming Soon Plugin Installation

One more advantage of Coming Soon WordPress Plugin is an easy installation. To install it, you should make three following steps:

  1. Download Coming Soon by Supsystic plugin.
  2. Upload to your WordPress plugins directory.
  3. Activate and enjoy.
Most widespread reasons for plugin non-working

If you have some problem with our Supsystic plugins – plugin is not working at all or partially – please, take into account the most common causes of plugin-crashing.

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How add one more count or another block?
  1. Choose your template;
  2. Click Edit Template;
  3. Find “+” (plus) in the lower left corner;
  4. Choose block that you want add.
Modes of Coming Soon

There are three Coming Soon modes by Supsystic

  • Coming Soon page – It’s mode that your customers will see Coming Soon page with Count, Background images, Social Shares buttons, Subscribe field and you can add or delete any fields that you want. This mode help collect subscribers and to raise interest your customers to your future site. Here are Exclude URLs feature that will be useful for you if you already have ready pages and don’t want hide them with Coming Soon mode.
  • Redirect to URL – It’s simply but useful mode. When customers come to your page that not ready yet – them will be redirect to page what you put in Redirect URL cell. Also in this mode you can choose Exclude URLs – pages where this redirect won’t works.
  • 503 Header Response – this mode really easy too. Just hide your pages in this mode and you users will see just error in their browser. Of course, in this mode you also can use Exclude URLs.
How to disable Coming Soon mode on certain pages?
Put URL of pages where you don’t need Coming Soon mode in Exclude URLs row. You have ready for publish pages and don’t want wait for all site. Hide just that pages that not ready for publish. You want show customers some pages of your site – put URLs of this pages in Exclude URLs row and Coming Soon page would not apply to them.

All available languages are provided with the Supsystic Coming Soon plugin. If your language isn’t available, your plugin will be in English by default.

Available Translations: English

Translate or update a translation Coming Soon WordPress plugin in your language and get a Premium license for FREE. Contact us.