Popup Placement Options

With huge number of various placement features of WordPress Popup plugin you are able to show PopUp in any place of the page.

Layered PopUp Style allows you to set PopUp to any place on your page – top, bottom ,left, right, center, on any corner of the page. You can find this option by this path Design tab -> Popup Location tab -> “Enable Layered PopUp Style”. Just check the examples of such PopUps on this page below. This feature are included in PRO version of PopUp plugin.

Besides if you are afraid that popup can be too exasperating for the customers – we have a great solution for you – Build-In Page Popup (PRO feature). You can simply embed popup into the page of your site. Such popup will not disturb or annoy anyone. It will be quiet and peacefully carry out its function on your site.

In order to embed popup to the page content go to Main tab -> When to show PopUp block – there you need to choose “Build-In Page” option. Then copy and paste the code into required place in your page. Enjoy the example below.


WordPress PopUp plugin is a useful plugin from Supsystic that lets you create unique pop ups using the WordPress visual editor. This allows you to easily insert forms, text, images, and more. The Popup plugin lets you decide whether a pop up is displayed under one of many conditions. For example, you can display a pop up to a visitor that has never commented or a visitor that came to the page via a search engine. You can also ensure it is not displayed to those who have already made an action (subscribe, share, like, etc.).

The size, position, and colors of the WordPress pop up, can all be modified. You can also make the pop up appear after a set number of seconds and choose whether visitors can dismiss it. So, as you can see the WordPress Popup plugin by Supsystic is an indispensable tool of your website.

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