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Statistics of WordPress Popup plugin usage is measured according to four criteria:

  • Displayed – number of views of popup window on the screen;
  • Subscribed – number of executed subscriptions;
  • Shared – total number of clicks on social networks buttons (share);
  • Facebook Liked – number of assigned likes (for template Facebook Like only).

These data are displayed on the Main PopUp Usage Statistics graph.

main usage statistics in WordPress Popup plugin

Statistics functions of Popup plugin by Supsystic allows you to perform the following actions with graph:

  1. Output data in the form of line graph or bar graph.
  2. Select any specific time frame for viewing statistics (for all the time by default).
  3. Grouped data to periods: hour, day, week or month for more compact output.
  4. View any portion of the graph in detail using the zoom by allocating mouse on graph area.
  5. Export statistics to cvs file.
  6. Remove all statistics at any time you need.

For more detailed statistical study on WordPress Popup plugin there are two additional bar graphs:

  1. Ratio of All Actions – the ratio of the number of views of popup window to the total number of subscriptions. These data clearly show how often users seeing popup subscribe. Also in this diagram displayed the number of assigned likes (for template Like Facebook only).
  2. Ratio of All Social Share – the ratio of subscribers to the available social networks. It shows which social network is more popular among users.

ratio statistics in WordPress Popup plugin

The statistics of Popup plugin for WordPress can also be seen in Table form with the following columns:

  • Date – period of information collection (depends on the main graf’s period grouping);
  • Views – total number of views of popup window;
  • Unique Views – number of unique (first) views of popup window to users;
  • Actions – total number of actions with popup window;
  • Conversion – percentage ratio of actions with popup window to unique views of popup window, numeric representation of popup window effectiveness.

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