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The simple insert Subscription in the Contact Form plugin shows you on the first view just one checkbox. But this option is one of the most important in the whole one. Subscription Pro Feature helps to subscribe all your contacts, guests, and users, who fill in the form and submit it on your site. Collect subscribers with Contact Form plugin and increase your subscription rate.

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The most comfortable in this option is that you can easily change the destination of your subscribers. It can be such mailing services – WordPress, Aweber, MailChimp, MailPoet, Jetpack, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, SendGrid, GetResponse, Active Campaign, Mailrelay, arpReach, SG Autorepondeur, Benchmark, InfusionSoft, SalesForce-Web-to-Lead, iContact, ConvertKit, Emma, FeedBlitz.

Contact Form Subscription Feature

There are a lot of useful options for WordPress Subscription. Here is the list of them –

  • Create users after subscribe with special roles – Subscriber, Author, Contributor etc.
  • Create Subscriber without confirmation.
  • Export all subscribers, who subscribed via WordPress. Export in csv file.

For example the stuff for those who like to be not like everybody and is sure in his efforts – you can create a user on your site automatically, after submitting this form. BUT! Use this only if you really need it. Remember! After you change this option – your new subscriber will have more privileges than usual subscribers, so be careful with this option!

If you are one of those who heritates about clicking long links, filling in forms and just don’t like spam in your email we created for such users an option – with WordPress subscription you can create subscriber user without any confirmation letter. How does it possible? Usually, after user subscribes, we send an email with the confirmation link – to confirm the email address, and only after user clicks on the link from this email – we will create a new subscriber. This option allows you to create a subscriber – right after subscription, without the email confirmation process.

Also on the Subscribe section you have several opportunities:

  • Create WP user – once user will subscribe to selected Subscription service – it will create WordPress Subscriber too. Please be careful using this option: WordPress user will be created right after you submit your Subscribe form without confirmation.
  • Set the “Confirmation email was sent” message – this will be message, that user will see after subscribe – that email with confirmation link sent.
  • Set the subscribe success message – right after subscriber will be created and confirmed – this message will be shown.
  • Set the email error message – if email, that was entered by user, is invalid – user will see this message.
  • Set the email exists error message – if email that was entered by user already exists – user will see this message. But be careful: this can be used by hackers – to detect existing email in your database, so it’s better for you to leave this message same as error message about invalid email above.
  • Enable redirection after subscription, just enter URL that you want to redirect to after subscribe – and user will be redirected there. If you don’t need this feature – just leave field empty.

The customization of subscription is pretty wide: you can change the message your user get, the message you get, even texts of subscribe successful and error messages. A lot of business owners like to redirect their customers after subscription to another page (like the direct store, or video portal etc), so that you can switch on this option too.

Contact Form by Supsystic was created maximum easy and light, fast and speed for everybody and every WordPress site. To use it you do not need any special skills or requirements, so be sure that it will work constantly without any error.

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