Today the Internet is full of different sorts of information. Moreover, in 2017 every minute more than 15M texts were sent and more than 5B daily searches in Google were made. Impressive statistics, isn’t it? But do not forget that our attention is a limit resource, so how to make your content stand out? We ...

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Finally! You have the best solution for slider creation, it?sHTML slider! It’s now easier than ever to create customized WordPress and jquery sliders using images, videos, texts, links, and HTML. How you add content is up to you. Mix and match, upload photos, or add video URLs. HTML slider contains images and HTML content and […]
Simple and nice slider theme with captions. New WordPress slider pager plugin allows you to download different content types, you can add images, posts, text, and multimedia content in slides. You can also edit individual slide and add extra information such as caption, overlay text, or a call to action button. Choose the way of […]
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