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    Bastian Ebert

    I cant active my PRO Version. After typing in email and key the site is realoading but nothing happens. Whats the problem?




    Please send me URL of the website you’re trying to activate PRO version
    Here’s contact form


    Bastian Ebert




    Same problem here…


    Hello @roskos!

    Also please write to our Internal Support and we will help you to fix this problem.


    Adam Scherkus

    Same problem. Already contacted support.

    Have NO IDEA how to activate product after sending money. This should be incredibly simple…but you can’t even activate a product.



    Most likely there is the problem with connecting to your website server. Our internal support should help you to solve this problem.

    Also please check the instruction how to install and activate the pro version.

    To install PRO version of plugin by Supsystic follow next steps:

    1. Install and activate the latest Free version of the plugin.
    2. Download zip archive with PRO version from your personal account on the – you will find a unique download link after purchase.
    3. Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
    4. Upload the archive.
    5. When the installation has completed, click “Activate Plugin”.
    6. After activation the PRO version, you need to enter license key (you can find it in your personal account on our site). To do this follow next steps:
    7. Go to the plugin in WordPress navigation menu.
    8. Click License tab on left navigation menu of plugin.
    9. Enter your email and license key.
    10. Click “Activate” button.”


    Adam Scherkus

    Your plugin does not show up in WordPress after activating the plugin. No way to use or license product. I have latest versions of WordPress. Still not able to use your product. Why is this so difficult? See link of screenshot showing your plugin is installed, activated but you will not see anything on the WordPress menu.


    You need to install and activate the both versions of plugin – free and pro. Free version includes the main functionality of plugin, and the pro version activates the pro features which are not available in free version of plugin.

    Please check the instruction “how to install and activate the pro version” in my previous message one more time.


    Adam Scherkus


    I believe I have now activated the product…

    Thank you for your replies. The confusion was when I clicked on upgrade from the free version, it takes me to your site. I purchase the pro version, and it says download….but then you get the free version again, which doesn’t make sense (I was not taken to my downloads after payment).

    So I installed the free version and of course it says “you already have this” so I deleted it. Then of course it wasn’t there when you gave me the proper link to the new version.

    Anyways…hopefully everything works properly from now on.

    Thank you.


    We are glad we were able to help you.


    Adam Durst

    I am also unable to activate the plugin. Upon following the instructions and clicking Activate, I get a popup with the message “Service Unavailable”, and after investigating further, I discovered that our security policies don’t allow outbound traffic from our wordpress site over the internet (I am assuming that plugin activation requires this). Is there some other way I can activate the plugin?



    Hello Honyok,
    We can help you in a next way: please, contact us in the internal support and provide us there your WP admin access. We will help you to activate it easily and in several minutes.


    Adam Durst

    I doubt that I could get access granted for inbound traffic from outside our internal network. I am going to attempt to get a firewall exception granted so that we can register the plugin the regular way. Could you provide the IP address and port that we would need to specify in the firewall exception so that we could then register the plugin the regular way?

    On a side note, I did submit an internal support ticket for this same issue and was told that there is no other way to register.


    Hello Honyok,

    You should add an exception to all the requests from domain and it’s ip.
    If you’ll have any other questions, feel free to ask me.

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