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    Almost 2 weeks the developer is not answering my request regarding a possible bug.

    This is a video:

    Is anyone here to help? Please help.


    Hello, @pariluck.
    In google sheet, formula =CONCATENATE works the same – we don`t think we should fix it, but as a variant we can just add new formula =HTML to return content predetermined to it, removing all substitutes for html symbols.
    Please, tell me about your thoughts on this issue.




    This is what we need:
    Depending on the conditions we need to display the active link.

    if [condition 1], then Link 1; else if [condition 2],
    then Link 2; else if [condition 3], then <a
    href=”#link3″>Link 3; else if [condition 4], then 4; else Link 5


    [condition 1]:
    TRUE – Link 1
    FALSE –
    [condition 2]:
    TRUE – Link 2
    FALSE –
    [condition 3]:
    TRUE – Link 3
    FALSE –
    [condition 4]:
    TRUE – Link 4
    FALSE – Link 5

    There are formulas we used in the test. – Choose A2 (Dropdown list) – Test1; Formula in B2 – Test2; Formula in B3; C7, C8, 9 – contain Active Links – Test3; Formula in B4; we try to activate link (formula in B2: =IF(A2=A7;B7;IF(A2=A8;B8;IF(A2=A9;B9;”Choose
    Default”)))) – Test4; Formula in B5


    Hello, @pariluck
    Sorry for a late reply on forum. As far as I know, your problem has been resolved.
    Just in case everybody else will be looking for an answer here I’ll leave a conclusion – we have implemented it to life.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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