admin stopped to work after few updates bcause of Js prolem

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    The admin stopped to work after few hours. wp latest new isntallation.
    i see the list of pricing tables, when i want to enter to a specific pricing table i get a javascript message to the screen.

    see the image
    I cant edit the backend.

    the front end works fine.
    Is this a known issue with the free version?



    Hi @avi.fatal

    Thank you for contacting us about your question.

    First of all you need to turn on the debug mode, this will show the errors that are causing the issue. To do this follow the next instruction:
    1. Connect to your FTP with some app like FileZilla.
    2. Go to wp-config.php file and download it to your desktop.
    3. Open wp-config.php and switch debug mode to true after ‘WP_DEBUG’ –
    4. Save changes and upload this file back to your site.
    5. Clean cache in your cache plugin and cache in your browser and reload the site page.
    6. Try to change your pricing table one more time.
    7. Let us know about the errors you see.

    Also you can disable debug mode in the same way -> define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);



    Hi, Thank you for your reply.
    I turned on wp_debug.
    I can’t really do anything when i enter to the pricing editor, the browser tab is not responsing, sometime the chrome message will apeare and some time not.
    I have deactiveted all the other plugins to remove noise.

    Any other thing i can do?



    Hi @avi.fatal

    Please contact us through our
    internal support.
    We will help you to solve the problem.



    I did and I got not response from you.


    Hi @avi.fatal

    We can’t find your request in the internal support, please contact us one more time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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