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    When I use popup on click – Using this:
    ” Click on certain link / button / other element
    Copy & paste next code – into required link to open PopUp on Click:”

    using this in the link: [supsystic-show-popup id=101]

    the link can be seen at the bottom of this page

    This link opens in a blank page. Also, the button doesn’t work at all


    Hi @suesbarn

    Please, read this instruction
    and insert popup on click correctly.



    I did read it. That is why I put [supsystic-show-popup id=101] in the link, as the instructions say. but, that did not work

    I also tried these:

    Sign up to download your free markers

    “>Subscribe To Our Newsletter

    <button onclick=”ppsShowPopup(101); return false;”>Click me</button>

    So, I do not understand the instructions. Can you help me figure out what I have done wrong. This is the pro-paid for version, BTW.


    <a href="http://[supsystic-show-popup id=101]">Sign up to download your free markers</a>
    <a href="<php echo  do_shortcode('[supsystic-show-popup id=101]')?>">Subscribe To Our Newsletter</a>
    <button onclick="ppsShowPopup(101); return false;">Click me</button>

    Hi @suesbarn

    Please follow the next instruction:

    1. Open your needed popup at your WordPress admin area
    2. Click Main settings tab and find When to show PopUp section
    4. Click Click on certain link / button / other element and Copy this code –
    Please note, that here [supsystic-show-popup id=317] – 317 is the number of needed popup id.
    5. Open up your needed post/page text editor –
    6. Hightlight the text you need to make a button and click Link button above –
    7. Then you will see link edition window
    8. Here at URL field you can paste the code of popup
    and check the Name of your button –
    9. Click Add link button
    10. At the text editor you will see that Click me is inside the needed code –
    and click Update to save post/page changes
    11. Move to this post/page on front-end. This is how it will look for site visitors if they click on the “Click me” text –
    12. You can press F12 button to see console tool –
    13. Click Elements tab and choose this icon –
    14. Click on your “Click me” text and you will see it’s code inside this tool –

    Please let me know whether it helped you.



    Thank you. Yes, this is what I have already done. You can see in the code, that it is there. But, it does not work.

    The links are found at the bottom of this page:

    the links are at the bottom of the page and are labeled:

    Sign up to download your free markers with http
    – this goes to a blank page
    – this is the code:
    <a href="http://#ppsShowPopUp_101">Sign up to download your free markers with http</a>

    Sign up to download your free markers w/o https
    – this does nothing
    – this is the code:
    <a href="#ppsShowPopUp_101">Sign up to download your free markers w/o http</a>

    It looks like the Class isn’t there. Could that be the problem? I wonder why it is being stripped



    No, adding the classes didn’t seem to help


    Hi @suesbarn

    I came on the page link you have provided –
    and clicked first two links – – they are working now.

    In order to see they are working,
    please try to clear cache in Comet Cache plugin,
    clear cache in your browser and check the issue one more time.



    huh, well, it does work now! Thanks!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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