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    I am using your awesome plugin on my website (free version).
    I am using the horizontal galleries on two of my pages (example here:
    I’m 100% happy when I enlarge the pictures but there seems to be an issue with the thumbnails. There are “blurry”: not 100% blurry but not sharp. I already tried to change the quality of the tumbnail (put it to 100%) but didn’t see any changes (it seems to be the same quality with 10% or 100%). I tried to regenerate the thumbnails with a plugin but nothing changed.
    A also tried to enlarge the height of the thumbnails but nothing really happened too.

    My WP and plugin is up to date.
    Thanks for your help.




    Thank you for contacting us about your Photo Gallery question.

    I have followed the page link you have posted here, thank you. Please provide the screenshot of your gallery admin settings like this – – and try to change the image height one more time and let us know the new height you have set – this can help to enlarge thumbnails.

    Also, please clarify the Operation system and browser you use to allow us reproduce the blurry thumbnails.

    Do you have any cache plugin on the site with this gallery?

    Best regards



    Hello and thanks for your answer.

    Here are the thumbnails as I can see them. Not “that blurry” but still not as sharp as my pictures:

    And here are my settings. (I tried to enlarge thumbnails but still have the same pb):

    And I have no cache plugins on my website.

    I checked the website with Chrome on my PC, Safari on my Ipad and safe results.

    Thanks for your help.



    Please try to set image height 350px and let us know about the result one more time.



    Hi again.

    I tried it, it is better but the thumbnails are now really “big”.

    Is it the only way to have them not blurry?

    Thanks :)



    I have followed the page link you have provided one more time and didn’t notice the blurry of images.

    Can you please provide screenshots of original pictures and inside gallery, to let me see the blurry difference? Why do you thing that images are blurry?
    Thus I will be able to understand the situation and help you.

    Best wishes

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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