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    Hi everyone. We are currently switching our social media site from Buddy Press to Membership and have had a bumpy road with plugin conflicts. I will document what I have discovered to help you all out.

    So this is a two-fold issue we discovered. While Membership is advertised as being able to import Buddypress members, it comes with a very big catch; we discovered that while all profile data did indeed transfer, as soon as buddypress was disabled, you loose all extended profile data from buddypress, along with profile and header images for individual members.If you leave buddypress installed in the background, members can login to Membership and all data is retained, but they are unable to access anything, i.e., profile editing, posting, nothing! After much testing, the only resolution was to delete buddypress and loose all the profile data (keep in mind, it does indeed save a little bit of data, but not much; only very basic information).

    The lesson? Until this bug is fixed, do not expect to convert a buddypress site over to membership without losing almost all data!


    Hi @admin668356

    Thank you for reporting the issue!

    Could you clarify and supplement the issue. Perhaps you can make screenshots of the problems and errors you get, provide more detailed description the way you moved data from Buddy Press to Membership, what plugins\addons you used for this.

    Thus I can see what’s wrong and try to help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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