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    Hello @nikolaus.rohrer

    We can offer you such solution – you can create a gallery (using our Photo Gallery plugin ) with the photo and activate “Open by link in popup” option – . Then copy the gallery link from this option and add it to the pricing table. When someone clicks on this link in pricing table, the photos of gallery will be opened directly in popup. Note that the shortcode of this gallery should be added to the page, where you will use gallery link of this option. Don’t worry gallery would be hidden on the page.
    Note that the Open by link in popup” option is available only in PRO version of gallery plugin.

    Will such option suit your needs?



    Hi, for the data tables plugin, is it possible to only display certain boxes of the table and not others?
    Also, is it possible to import data into the table automatically from a database in real time? Thanks.



    Hi, for the Easy Google Maps plugin, is it possible to import longitude and latitude data from a database into the Google Maps plugin so that I can see the coordinates on the Google Map? Then is it possible to connect these data points together to form a line (like a polyline)? Thanks



    Would have it all if it added a watermark to each image. Just allow us to choose an image/logo, choose position and transparency. And Ta-Da!!!


    Esther Nnorom

    Good day,
    with regards to editing my template. I do not see the ”more” option at the top as you said i would. Could you please check your templates and get to me as soon as possible. I do not like how my website appears disorganised.


    Hello @OrangeApple2!

    As for data table plugin – there is no special option to hide certain cells. But you can do it with the help of css code. If you don’t know how to do it, just give us the link to this table and show on a screenshot which cells you want to hide. And our developer will send you the code. Also currently you can’t import data automatically in real time but we are planning to add this possibility in future.

    As for Google Maps plugin – I’ve redirected your question to our development department. I’ll let you know when I get a respond.


    Hello @marketing362076!

    We are planning to add this option. I’ll let you know when it will happen.


    Hello @ekechukwuj!

    Could you specify what plugin do you use? We will be happy to help you as soon as you respond.


    Hello @OrangeApple2!

    Regarding your question about Google Maps plugin – unfortunately we can’t add such option. Currently our plugin allows to import only maps and markers. There is no possibility to import figures.


    Hello @marketing362076

    We are happy to inform you that we’ve implemented Watermark option, which can be found in the pro version of plugin – Please update both versions and check it.



    Also currently you can’t import data automatically in real time but we are planning to add this possibility in future.

    Will this be added any time soon?


    Hi @luca.spanjaard

    We have already implemented auto-update of the tables from google sheets.
    Please update both versions of Data Table plugin and check it.

    To enable the auto save option, follow the next instruction:
    1. Create or open needed table
    2. Move to “Settings Tab” and click “Features tab”
    3. On the right section below find and check “Automatically import from Google Tables” feature
    4. Fill “Link from Google Tables” field
    5. Click “Save” settings



    Hi @mila_support

    Thank you for your reply.
    You’re right, I should’ve mentioned auto-updating straight from csv files on my server.

    I work with csv files, and weekly upload these to my server. I’d like your table plug-in to fetch them and update the tables.
    I’ve switched to TablePress since it is able to do exactly this. However, I prefer to use your plug-in.

    Well, I’m hoping you’re able to introduce this soon! :)


    Hi @luca.spanjaard

    Please, try to use Automatic Import from Google Tables,
    it also may suit your needs.



    Nice Post

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 41 total)
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