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    Hello, i have downloaded and bought Pro Version to avil of frontend markers for a support page we have. I need to be able to edit the Marker Form headings to something meaningful or understandable.

    Marker name –> Your name
    Marker Category –> Select Fodder Suituation
    Address is ok
    Marker Description –> Supply contact details and fodder supply/requirements

    I also want to define the icon type based on category selection only. If the user selects a category then it would use icon A or icon B.

    Is this currently possible? if so how do i edit as above?



    Hello, @mark545176

    Unfortunately at this moment you can change only Marker Form field using this example of shortcode: [google_map_easy_marker_form map_id="1" form_name="Custom Title for Marker adding"]
    But we are always open for new feature requests. Please contact us via internal support to discuss your request in more details.

    Best regards, Alex.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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