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    I am using and Exit Intent popup on several of my sites but we have an issue when it comes to mobile. Mobile accounts for almost 70% of our web traffic. Since there is no way to track mouse position on mobile, is there a way I can add functionality for mobile? Maybe back button detection? I don’t want swipe detection since this would irritate users navigating around.

    Looking for an intelligent option.



    Hello? Five days and no replies? Need some assistance here folks. Is this not why we pay for the premium plugin?


    Hi Ralph. As I see, we have already answered your question via our internal support.
    Anyway, this information can be usefull for other users, so I duplicate it here:

    If you set “open on site exit” popup, closing the browser is caught by hitting the “Close” tab of the browser, which is not available on mobiles.
    Current possibilities in coding doesn’t allow such option for mobile.

    “Maybe back button detection?” – Because developers of browsers for mobile applications have not opened access to this functionality, considering it a possible vulnerability for browsers, if they will open in future an opportunity to detect events that occur outside the browser’s own tab window, we will add this feature.

    You can set any other separate type of popup for portable devices only and show it on required pages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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