Feature request – Display file list based on folder contents

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    We are using another plugin for this but it has not been updated for several years and it seems most of the other ones that we find are in a similar unsupported state so this may be a useful feature addition to the free or pro plugin.

    The need is to have a table automatically import/read a list of files in a user designated folder ie:
    And then display that list in a sortable table so website visitors can select files for download.

    – File Type, File Description, File Modified and File Size fields would be very useful.
    – It would be nice to be able to include a icon or thumbnail where appropriate
    – Being able to navigate sub folders below the initial folder would be useful
    – A search or Filter function would be useful
    – A lightbox view could be useful where appropriate

    Just a thought


    Hi @daine

    Thank you for contacting us about this Data Table question.

    Your issue was redirected to our developer. I will inform you about the progress.


    Hi @daine

    Please contact us though our internal support. We have a personal offer for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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