Footer cells won't allow setting decimal places

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    My table is using a footer and, in that footer, I have totals and subtotals from each column. Inside the table I can put in the number 75 in a cell and it displays 75.00 which is what I want since I am using dollar amounts… However, when I go to the footer and add the cells in that column, =SUM(B2;B19) for instance, the output is displayed only as 75 without the decimal places…

    If I had two or more numbers with .00 endings in that column to add up, the same thing occurs, for instance, instead of 256.00, it shows up as 256 in the footer without the decimals.

    On some calculations in other columns when the numbers on the decimal side is greater that .00, the numbers are showing up as 3 or four decimal places such as 127.2375. I’ve tried using your formula list to set the decimal places to two(2) in the footer, but, nothing I have tried works… I’ve went to Google sheets seeking answers for the footer problem but to no avail… Is there a way to get this working in the footer? I’ve tried using ROUND, DOLLAR, and other statements but none will work…


    Have you already resolved your problem? Please, clarify, if you still need some help with your table – and we will be glad to help you.



    Nope, never did solve the footer row formula problem… However, what I did was make the last(bottom) row a makeshift footer and used those cells for my formulas… It serves it’s purpose, but it would be nice to be able to have a real footer thay allows the formulas to work like they are suppose to…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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