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    Bertrand DELSUC

    Hey there, I use your Table plugin because you have nice features and customization is also good.
    I try to implement some formula of mine that come from an Excel sheet.
    I use the following Excel functions in my formula:
    * IF()
    * MAX()
    * MIN()
    * YEAR()
    * MONTH()
    * TODAY()

    1- I see that some simple functions like IF/MIN/MAX are supported but could you tell me what is the compatilibity with the list of funtions supported by your plugin
    2- function ROUNDDOWN in Supsystic won’t work if the data has ‘.’ as decimal separator, it will only work with ‘,’ is it normal? Is there any general recommandation for the decimal separator?
    3- I see that DAY(today) will return the current day in the month, then I see DAYS() & DAYS360() but I have no clue how it work
    4- why no YEAR() or MONTH() functions supported?
    5- is there any documentation on the supported function? it would really help I guess

    I also noticed that sometimes, simply by doin an addition, I had weird unround computations like ‘14.5999999’ instead of ‘14.6’… Dunno if this was already reported to you before or not.

    Thanks in advance for your support.
    Best Regards,



    1 – If you enter “=” sign in formulas bar – you will see the list with formulas, which are supported in our table plugin.
    2 – You need to use ‘.’ as decimal separator in our Data Tables.
    As for the 3 and 4 items – we will fix these issues. I will infrom you about the updates.

    Also we will make and will provide you more detailed documentation about supported formulas in our data table plugin.

    As for this – I had weird unround computations like ‘14.5999999’ instead of ‘14.6’… – Please update plugin to the latest version. We already fixed this issue.


    Bertrand DELSUC

    Thanks you Mila.

    Obviously I know the list of functions but without any help about the argument, you cannot guess them for all the functions.
    I will let you know about the troubles I have because sometimes calculations won’t work if I use ‘.’ for decimals.
    I believe I already have the latest version as far as I know, since I have Version: 1.3.2 updated 7 days ago.

    Appreciated for the documentation about supported formula, would really help indeed.

    Best Regards,


    Here is the documentation about formulas which supported by Data Tables by Supsystic –
    Please check it.

    If you will have any problems with calculations – please provide us link to the page with table and we will check what is wrong.


    Bertrand DELSUC

    Hello Mila, thanks for your outstanding support. I see that you added both MONTH() and YEAR() functions.
    To show my support I bought a license.

    I am really looking forward to the release of the new version embedding these new functions.
    Currently I do not see any update on my plugin but I guess you will put it online soon.

    I also noticed one bug I will describe here:
    – when you create a table of 2 rows e.g. and that you choose to put a fill color on cells of row #2
    – assume you insert a new row above row #2, you will see that the content of row #2 is correctly shifted down to row #3…
    – …BUT the color you have set on row #2 remains on row #2 and is not shifted with the content, this is really annoying because you cannot change your table easily afterward if you want to see the content in a specific order

    This lead me to 2 new requests to enhance the user-friendlyness of this great Table plugin:
    – the color picking has to be improved, I have to constantly note the color codes of the cells as there is no way to get it once it is set (or maybe there is one I did not understand?)
    – when we edit the Tables, it would be nice to be able to freeze the top row or the left-side column (this one is a nice-to-have)

    Kind Regards,


    I will inform you about the updates with fixes.
    Besides we will improve color picking and improve editing of the table, by adding freezing option for top row and left column, for you.


    Bertrand DELSUC

    Hello Mila, glad to hear that :)


    Bertrand DELSUC

    Hello, update to 1.3.3 done, will test this weekend.


    Bertrand DELSUC

    Hi Myla, so here is my feedback on formulas and new version:

    * bug report: operator ‘<=’ leads to inconsistent conditional values with funtion IF()
    example: =IF((U2-L2+K2-N2)-O2<=0,0,(U2-L2+K2-N2)-O2) gives -7.6999999 as result (true calculation=-7.7), meaning ‘-7.6999999 <=0’ is FALSE -> bug
    =IF((U2-L2+K2-N2)-O2<0,0,(U2-L2+K2-N2)-O2) gives 0 as result, meaning ‘-7.6999999 <0’ is TRUE -> OK
    * bug report: sometimes, formulas are not evaluated and show ‘#VALUE!’ as result. Even if you rewrite the formula in the cell, it doesn’t work. You have to copy/paste from a working cell with formula to have it work. It might be related to the fact I added columns before the computed cells (on the left).
    * bug report: in my previous request I reported a bug while inserting new rows before rows with colored content. Now I report a bug on columns :p The colors are now shifted right when you insert a new column on the left, but the width of the columns are not shitfted
    * bug report: setting a background seems bugged to me. It does not refresh the cell color after entering the code and pressing enter as it did before. Even worse, it sets the wanted colors on another cell right at the limit of the wanted cell! As mentionned before, this part has to be debugged and fixed because this is a weakness on the plugin.

    * nice to have/enhancement request: autoincrement in formulas – e.g. when a formula on row ‘n’ refers to cells on same rows An, Bn…Xn, extending formulas to row ‘n+1’ will refer automatically to cells An+1, Bn+1.. Xn+1 -> very useful
    * nice to have/enhancement request: the sizing of the cells in the Table Editor is hard to understand – if you copy a large amount of text into a model called by a cell, and that whats calls the modal is a link that is actaally a short text, the Editor will show the link in the cell correctly, without displaying the content of the modal, but it will scale like very large in the Editor as if the text in the cell was very large -> sometimes it gets the Editor hard to use
    * nice to have/enhancement request: just a last one, I use the date format ‘DD/MM/YYYY’ everywhere on my site but as the DAY(), MONTH(), YEAR() functions will only support ‘MM[separator]DD[separator]YYYY’ formats, I am forced to switch to this one only for this specific Table. If the coder can, one day, have it work with this ‘european’ notation I would be grateful.

    That’s all for today :)

    I can make screenshots if you want.

    Kind Regards,



    1. We will fix this bug in one of our new version. I will inform you about that.
    2, 3 and 4. I tried to reproduce these bugs and wasn’t lucky. If you still have these problems please write to our Internal Support with the detailed description of the problem and its screenshots.

    1. According to the autoincrement, I will give it to our programmers, they will consider it and I will inform you about the result.
    2. I didn’t quite understand about the sizing of the cells. Could describe it in more detail and provide some screenshots?
    3. We will try to improve it in one of our updates. For now you can use this format: 15-April-2019 (dd-full month-yyyy). It is an exception, where month can be in place of the second argument, as it is written by words and not by numbers.


    Bertrand DELSUC

    Hello, alright, I will provide more details when I have some time. For point 3, it happens all the time. Make columns with different sizes and insert a new column and look again at the size of you columns, you will see it is not shifter correctly.
    Thanks again,


    Hello Bertrand!

    We will fix the shifting of the width and I will inform you about the update.
    Thanks again for your attentiveness. Your help is very important.


    Bertrand DELSUC

    Many thnask to you and Supsystic outstanding support.
    Honestly I was not expecting such a great reactiveness and support.

    5 stars.

    Kind Regards,


    Hello Bertrand!

    Thank you for supporting words. It means a lot for us. We try to do our best.
    Unfortunately we did not have enough time to make fix of this bug in new version, which we have just released. But we obligatorily will do in the next version.
    I’ll inform you about that.


    Bertrand DELSUC

    OK thanks for the notice, I did the upgrade and gave the 5* for your plugin :)
    Sure I’ll be patient until next version.

    Best Regards,

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