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    I just installeded the Photo Gallery plugin and the links are not working. I need the images to link to different posts.

    Can you tell me why this is not working and how to fix this?

    Thank you.


    Hello NoahLiam,
    Please check the Popup image option on the Main tab of gallery settings. Links will work only if popup image option is enabled.
    If it enabled and links still not working – please provide access to the WordPress admin area.
    I’ll check what’s wrong and will fix it.



    Hi! I am having the same problem. I placed a horizontal grid of 4 photos onto my Homepage — this section of the page is displayed by a widget and I used the widget supplied by Supsystic. Followed the directions gave to enable Pop-Up under Main tab, but no luck — links still do not work. Do you have any further instructions/suggestions ?


    Hello @chordeon!
    I have tested gallery widget exactly as you have described – links work fine.
    Please provide me link to the page with your gallery. I will check what is wrong.



    Thanks, mil_support. The widget is toward the bottom of the home page at,
    the horizontal tiling entitled “Invite an Inmate to Learn God’s Word”

    There are two different links in the (left to right) second and fourth photos going to pages within the site holding contact forms.
    The links are full hyperlink pathways, not shortcode.



    THANK YOU, mila-support!
    the links are now working when using shortcakes. whole urls do not link all the way through (they bring up a blank page) but the shortcakes work so I am back in business!


    Hello Chordeon!

    Please describe in more detail what problem do you have? What kind of links do you use? Maybe you could provide the example of the link that doesn’t work. And please give us the link to the page with gallery. It would be great if you add some screenshots, so we could understand what exactly isn’t working and help you to solve this problem.


    You’re supposed to be able to click on each pic to open up an external website, when you click on them…nothing happens.

    Please fix.



    Hello info825580,
    to fix this problem we need an access to your WP admin area. Please contact us through our internal support. We will check what is wrong and will help you to solve the problem.



    I’m having the same problem. I’ll add links to images, go to save and none of my changes have been added. I’ve tried this several times and had no luck. Here’s the page I’m referring to:


    I’m sorry for the late reply.

    Please contact us through our internal support, provide a page link of your site and provide a detailed description where we can find Gallery by Supsystic on this page.



    Good day. I installed the plugin and the link from the image within the gallery is not working. Rather it deletes the url placed within. Can you assist? The website is and the links are located at



    Hi @infofivefiftytwo

    Thank you for contacting us about your issue.

    If I understood you right, you want your gallery photos have different links. For this please make sure you have entered needed urls at Link tab at The Images List of your gallery – – and saw the popup that information is updated. Clean cache and cookie in your browser and clean cache in your cache plugin and reload the page with gallery.

    If I understood you wrong, could you please clarify and supplement you issue. Perhaps you can make screenshots, and provide more detailed description. Then I will be happy to answer it.



    Thanks for your response. The issue seems to be that when the needed url is entered into the Link tab at the Images List of the gallery, no pop up of “information is updated” is displayed after saving and the “loading” screen and the Link tab after loading defaults to the empty url.


    Hi @infofivefiftytwo

    I see. As so we can’t reproduce the issue on our test servers, please contact us through our
    internal support. We will help you to solve the problem.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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