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    Hi Support,

    I tested about a dozen of GDPR Cookie plugins for WordPress so far. None of them was really practical or convincing.

    GDPR Compliance by Supsystic seems to be a good find now. It can be set up in a way that — in my opinion — is legally ok (in Germany and after the latest verdict from October 1 of the European Court of Justice) and can be understood by my website visitors. Chapeau!

    There’s one thing I miss though: After a website visitor has agreed on setting cookies I don’t see how he or she could change the decision made. It would be helpful to have the opportunity as a user to click a link (maybe included in the privacy policy). Is this possible?

    Cheers, Frank

    PS. I am not a fan of the little “Show Again Text” tab that is always visible. It will always sit on some other information …

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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