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    I am creating a large family photo album site and as I am getting into it the number of galleries is growing. What I am finding is the view for the galleries is going to have many gallery listings. With the current view with the large photo and options buttons it will take a lot of scrolling to find a specific gallery to work on. Would it be possible to have an alternate view that would be smaller like the view used for the images list so more galleries per screen can be listed. Also could a notion of gallery groups be added so a large number of galleries be subgroup for easy management, the same categories used for images could be used. And lastly, I have created several templates to select from when creating a new gallery, I would like to always have these shown at the very top of the gallery list, this feature would also have a manual sorting feature like used to reorder the images list allowing the gallery list to be reordered.

    Just some ideas for easier management,


    Hi @markrman

    Thank you for your idea improvements list. It was redirected to our developer and I will inform you about the progress.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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