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    The data table plugin is really good with great features.

    One thing I can’t get figure out is why no images will show. I have tried almost every setting, but only when I check ‘header’ and set the header count to a high value the images will show.

    When editing the table, images show perfectly in preview mode, but once published they vanish.

    This is the page in question:


    Hi @henrikmikkelsen

    Thank you for contacting us about your Data Tables Plugin question.

    I have followed the page link you have provided – and there is an error on it
    You can also see the error by pressing F12 to open dev tool and click Console tab. This error can cause issues with your site theme or other plugins.
    Please contact Ultimate product catalogue developers to fix it or simply deactivate it, to see Data Tables plugin works correctly.



    I had this issue too, after disabling Lazy load images option under JetPack > Settings > Speed up your site, the images reappeared.


    Hello, Robin.

    We already discussed this issue via internal support.
    But here is some additional information. Jetpack’s Lazy Load option can be disabled on required pages. You can read required information about it here:
    Lazy images is set to be enabled for your entire site by default. You can use the filter is lazyload_is_enabled to customize when lazy loading should be enabled. For example, if you don’t want lazy images to run on a certain page, you could hook in and disable lazy images for that page.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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