Imported Google Sheet – Can't make changes in front end

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    I am trying to make editable field from an imported Google Sheet, It does not work.

    – Editable field works perfect on a new table.
    – Editable field does not work on imported Google Sheet

    Solution Needed:
    – We import a Google Sheet with Data, there are columns that the user must fill out according to the data we parse.

    – New input from user must be saved in same google sheet.

    Thank You


    Hello, @arabino.

    If you are using autoimport option from google spreadsheet, you can’t make cells with data editable for that table, because it make cause conflicts with autoimported data.
    Our table has autoimport option, but it doesn’t have autoexport to google sheet.

    If you want to make imported from google spreadsheet tables editable, you should use simple Import option (not autoimport).
    This way you can use editable fields.



    I also bought PRO as I was interested in connecting with Spreadsheet And succeed that the feature menu activated and tried it.
    But it doesn’t work at all.

    my article show “Failed to import selected file: Wrong spreadsheet id or url”

    I confirmed.
    – The License was activated.
    – My spreadsheet shared link was set with “editable”.
    – Confirmed URL on the browser and the windows.
    – I created new table and just checked “Autoimport from Google Sheet ” and filled “Link from Google Tables”.

    I cannot guess the reasons. I wonder if the support gave the link that I could import it.

    I confirmed below just as test.



    Sorry. I could sort out by myself. I wonder if the information could help someone.

    1. Windows URL

    -> It doesn’t work

    2. Browser URL ( copy&past the URL “1”)

    -> Bot 1 / 2 doesn’t work

    3. Browser URL – After certain second, It looks redirecting and added gid in URL – maybe it’s unique.

    -> It works. We should copy this with “edit#gid=xxx” to wordpress setting.


    Hello, @watanabe.naoto
    Thank you for detailed explanation of this issue.
    Also, we have an instruction about import option here:
    Here is a screenshot of required link from Google sheets: – it must contain “gid” in URL.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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