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    Hello Supsystic team!

    I’ve been testing the Popup plugin before deploying to our site and have come across an issue which I’m hoping has an easy solution.

    While trying to run this plugin, the javascript console throws this error:
    “jQuery.Deferred exception: preloadImgs.size is not a function ppsBindPopupLoad”

    … and no pop-ups appear. We are currently loading jQuery through a CDN, but if I disable this and load it through WordPress’ local version, this error goes away and the pop-ups work fine. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Any fixes available?

    Thank you!


    Hi @zworden

    Please clarify, where do you load jQuery from?
    Because there may be another version or a cut version.



    Thanks for the reply. We’ve been using the Google hosted version:
    …which is detailed here:


    Hi @zworden

    This does not require to the WordPress theme development standards, thus can brake up many plugins.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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