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    How do I get the “Markers List” to apply to a map? I have the pro version installed and am trying to click the button to make it apply, but it does not seem to be working. Thanks.


    Michael Stiemke

    I have the same problem.

    When installing the pro version, on initial activate I get “invalid header”, but the plugin is activated anyway and I can input the license and the configuration options seem to be ok.

    No markers show up in the map when it is used in a page. They do show up when I configure the map with some markers, but the map is devoid of markers in the published page.

    If I use the map widget, the markers show up in there ok. So configuration of the map is correct.

    When the map is used in a page, there is another problem. Dragging the map doesn’t update, you get gray areas around the sides. The widget, on the other hand, can be dragged and updates correctly.

    Perhaps I want my money back.


    Marker list option is visible only on frontend of the site, but not in preview of map.
    You need to enable it in admin area for your map – and it will appear on frontend. Please check it.


    Michael Stiemke

    In the wp support for your addon I found the hint to maybe test with a different theme. So, I am checking some other themes, and suprise surprise, they ALL work, I have tested about 7 by now. Searching for one I like. The original Theme that DID NOT work with your adddon was one that is called “Sarina” for your information. So problem solved, only sad that I cannot keep on using “Sarina” Theme.


    We can check the problem with your original template – if you activate it on the website and provide us with access to the WordPress admin areain our internal support.


    Michael Stiemke

    Thank you, but no can do – is already productive using other template. But failure with “Sarina” happens on clean fresh theme install with minimal content already so maybe you can reproduce this yourself anyway. For me the problem is closed and I am happily using the product with a different theme by now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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