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    I have about 487 tables on my website (1 table per page). My current installations are:

    Data Tables Generator 1.9.80
    Data Tables Generator PRO 1.5.2

    I updated one of the above a week ago (can’t remember which).

    I noticed a few days after that some of my pages had tables that are not loading. It’s saying “No data available in table”. Went I checked the backend editor, the table had contents. But when I previewed the table, the table loader icon just kept circling. This never happened before.

    I haven’t gone through all of my pages, so I don’t exactly know right now have many have tables that aren’t loading.

    I did all the following actions below, but none did not work to solve the problem:

    1. Purged WordPress cache (Breeze caching plugin).
    2. Purged browser cache.
    3. Purged WAF cache (Sucuri).
    4. Uninstalled/Reinstalled Data Tables Generator.
    5. Uninstalled/Reinstalled Data Tables Generator Pro.
    6. Added row to table.
    7. Added column to table.
    8. Cloned table.

    Please help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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