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    Hi Guys,

    I really love this plug-in, I tried many others but yours is the best for gallery and now want to buy the premium version.

    I’ve just a problem with horizontal scroll gallery in responsive mode , this is a example of MY page built with the free version of your plug-in I think that images on smart-phone, should be viewed in a vertical cascade and not in horizontal mode. I attach a link of a page, so you can understand the way I’d like my site should be seen in responsive mode .

    is there any way to have this effect with your premium plug-in photo gallery? are you going to implement this feature?



    Hello Tomas,
    Thank you for good words. As for your questions, if you buy the pro-version of this plugin we will add this option on mobile versions especially for you!
    If you have more questions – do not hesitate to ask

    Best regards,



    I am trying the “Gallery with Horizontal Scroll” on my website, but when visualized on a smartphone I don’t see any change to a vertical view, to help the visualization. Is it an option only available on the premium version?

    Thank you,



    Hello Norbet!
    please, provide us the direct link to your gallery – for us to check the problem



    Here is a test I am doing:

    Thank you guys!



    Hello Norbert!
    Yes, we see the problem. Please, contact us through the internal support and give us the WP admin area access and we will fix your issue.



    Thank you Anna.

    I just sent an email to see how we can solve the problem.

    I would have an additional question: In the Horizontal Scroll parameters, we can specify the height of the pictures in pixels. It would be nice to have the option to change that depending on the definition of the monitor. Or maybe to specify a percentage(?) Is it something we could have you think? Even if it’s in the premium version.

    Thank you very much 😉




    Hi! I am having the same problem on

    Basically, I chose horizontal gallery with gallery width of 100%, Image Height of 500 Px (it can not be set in percentage) and Responsive Mode as One by One and yet my images are distorted on mobile. Could you please provide a solution to this problem for me?

    Thank you,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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