Odd problem changing order of slides

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    The very first slide won’t change. It can be moved but on save it goes back to being first. Is there a way around this?


    Hi @dougm,

    If you using BxSlider, make sure you turned of “Starting Slide – Start slider on a random slide” option
    and saved changes – http://prntscr.com/eoxn55

    Otherwise, please provide the page link on your site with the issue,
    thus I can see what’s wrong and try to help you.



    It is BxSlider and “Starting Slide – Start slider on a random slide” is off.
    Web page is http://dev.heartoflongmont.org/ and our content person wants
    the second image (stained glass) to be in first position.
    Moving the second image to the top gets a position updated successfully message but if you then Save the form, the first image is changed back to what it was. Other changes seem to stick.

    I tried with the Coins slider type and the same thing occurs.


    Hi @dougm

    Most like you use cache plugin,
    please try to clear cache in this plugin, clear cache in your browser and check the issue one more time.
    If it will not help, contact us through our
    internal support.
    We will help you to solve the problem.



    Hi, I have the same problem during the initial installation went well, but now when I try to add a slide, keeps the first place and you can not move.
    This is the website,



    The problem affects only the first slide, the next you can move.
    Because when you add a new slide is placed in first place, the problem is big



    I solved the problem by deleting the first image, inputting the next and finally inserting the one that I want to be the first.
    It is not comfortable but it works

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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