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    Alejandro Dueñas


    I purchased the plugin and i dont understand some feature like: Open by link in popup.
    How do i get it work? At the help info says:
    If this option is enabled, then when one clicks on the link, which you can find below, the photos of gallery will be opened directly in popup. Note that the shortcode of this gallery should be added to the page, where you will use gallery link of this option.
    Where exactly should i put the extra code?
    I try this:
    [supsystic-gallery id=1 position=center #gg-open-1]
    [supsystic-gallery id=#gg-open-1 position=center]
    [supsystic-gallery id=gg-open-1 position=center]
    [supsystic-gallery id=1 position=center] #gg-open-1
    [supsystic-gallery id=1 position=center]

    Nothing works… Please help
    Thank you in advanced


    Hello @afdv2x!

    1) Enable this option and save the settings of this gallery. –
    2) Go to the page or post, where you want to add the gallery.
    3) In the text editor of this page write the title for a link, select it and click “Add Link” button. –
    4) Copy this shortcode in gallery settings – and paste it in the URL field for the link –, click Add Link.
    5) Then copy the shortcode of gallery ( and paste it anywhere on this page. (it could be before or after the link.) Don’t worry, this shortcode won’t be visible for other users. –
    6) Click Update.

    In this case the link, which you created, will appear on the page. –
    When you click on it, images will be opened in popup window. So there won’t be the thumbnails of images on this page, just a link.



    This doesn’t work. I have a support ticket open regarding some issue but your team is not responding. I am available to do a screen share, as my deployment is still in dev.

    -apologies, this does work! I had the wrong ID. Still need follow through on the other part of the issue though.



    Our developer has already made a team viewer session with you and we hope all your problems are fixed now. Please let us know if you’ll have any more questions. We will be glad to help you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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