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    My gallery displays correctly pictures when settings (width end height) are in pixels. But with percent settings, pictures don’t display anymore.
    My gallery is on this page :

    Is there an issue?


    Try to change caption effect from polaroid to any other and it will work correctly.
    Unfortunately polaroid effect doesn’t work with percent image settings for fixed gallery.
    I gave the issue to our developer. He will try to fix it.



    The last update (Version 1.6.9) didn’t fix it. I had so much hope… :(
    For next time I geth.


    Unfortunately we had some difficulties in our development department.
    We will try to add fixes for you in next version of gallery plugin.


    In our last update of Photo Gallery plugin we left percent size for images only in Vertical Gallery type. We could implement it for other types of gallery but it is unclear for us why do you need this feature? Because of it pictures stretch and become distorted. Please tell me why do you need to choose pictures size in percent and why can’t you use pixels instead?



    It doesn’t a matter. I need it choose pictures size in percent because pictures I have to upload are pictures with a business card to show. Sometimes this business card is on the corner of the picture so we can’t see it except if we click on picture to enlarge it.
    This is not a true problem.


    You can use Vertical type of gallery. In this case you can set width in percent and height will be set by plugin based on the proportions of image width. Please try this option and tell me will it suit your needs?



    I need to display images in percentages too.. we should be able to choose percentages for any gallery type. Percentages make it easier to develop a responsive site.

    Please instruct how we can over ride this.

    Another awesome option would be to allow us to call a javascript function to get the width and height of an image.



    Unfortunately the ability to set dimensions of the pics exists only for vertical gallery. Any way, if the gallery width is established in presents – gallery will be responsive on every device.

    You can try to use fixed column type of the gallery. There you can set columns for needed screens large, middle and small, thus the plugin will chose best columns quantity for each of them and pics will have proportional sizes to the dimensions in settings.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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