Pop Up Plug In Not working with MaxButton

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    I have created a Maxbutton which is displayed inside of a slider. I want the button to display my pop-up when pressed. I side the Maxbutton editor is a place for the URL: I’ve tried the following but nothing works. I have the PRO version.

    Click on certain link / button / other element
    Copy & paste next code – into required link to open PopUp on Click:

    [supsystic-show-popup id=101]

    Or, if you know HTML basics, – you can insert “onclick” attribute to any of your element from code below:

    onclick=”ppsShowPopUpOnClick(101, this); return false;”

    Or you can even use it for your Menu item, just add code:


    to your menu item “URL” or into “Title Attribute” field. Don’t worry – users will not see this code as menu item title on your


    Hello, @rickdrew

    Can you provide us a page to your website, where we can see that button with popup? It helps us to identify your issue and provide solution for you.



    I set up a test page: sednawealthmanagement.com/test – It shows a link to the pop up that I want to display and the maxbutton. In the maxbutton URL field I have the shortcode: [supsystic-show-popup id=101].

    Any help is appreciated.


    Hello, Rick.

    You should add onclick attribute to your link. Something like this: <a class="maxbutton-11 maxbutton maxbutton-subscribe" onclick="ppsShowPopUpOnClick(101, this); return false;" href="https://stagging.supsystic.com"><span class="mb-text">SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER</span></a>
    I tried it via browser console on provided page and it’s working.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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