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    Graham Scott

    I have developed the Overview.co.uk website, which allows users to download documents. The client wants to capture basic contact information when the user clicks on a document to download from a simple popup form. Once the popup has been submitted the user can download the document – either automatically when the popup closes or by clicking the link again. This action should set a cookie so that if the user clicks on another document in the same session or in the future the popup doesn’t appear. I don’t want the popup to open when the page loads, only when a document link is clicked. Not worried whether the contact information is logged as a subscriber or not, an email with the information would be sufficient. I have purchased the PRO plugin and set up a test site at: http://www.overview.co.uk/index.php/test/. I cannot configure it to achieve the client’s requirements. I’m using the ‘Click on certain link / button / other element’ option and have added the OnClick code to the link and selected ‘For first-time visitors’. The Popup and submission works OK, but the cookie isn’t stopping the popup on subsequent clicks, even if the page is refreshed. Are my client’s requirements possible to implement with this plugin? The latest version of WordPress and the plugin are installed.


    Please tell me what should happen after the click on the link with popup – if the popup should not be displayed? This is the only logical problem that we see in this situation.


    Graham Scott

    When the user clicks on the download link the popup should appear if they are a first time user. When the popup form is completed and submitted the popup should disappear and the user can click the same link again, without the popup appearing, and download the document. If the user clicks another download link anywhere on the site the popup should not appear, either in the current session or on any future visit to the site.


    WE will improve this option for you in next release of popup plugin. It will be available in free version of plugin on next weeek.
    I will inform you about the update.


    We released new version of popup plugin with fixes for you. Please update plugin and change the popup code in your links on this code – onclick="return ppsCheckShowPopup(ID);" where ID – is your ID of popup. Now it will work as you want. Please check it.


    Graham Scott

    Thanks, it’s nearly working correctly. One problem is that when the popup appears and the user closes the popup without submitting the form the cookie is set. This means the user can now click on the download link without submitting any details. The cookie should only be set if the form is submitted. So if the user clears the popup, it will appear again if the user clicks on the download link again.


    Please try to enable “Until user makes an action” option for Whom to show section of popup – http://prntscr.com/9yw9d2 It will show popup until user subscribes on your site.
    Set the number of days on which you need to remember user action – to remember only for one browser session – use 0 here, to remember forever – try to set big number – 99999 for example. Plugin will remember user action for entered number of days and show popup to same user again – after this period.
    Check it! It will work exactly as you want.


    Graham Scott

    Thanks. This now works accept if the user is already subscribed then the message “Empty or invalid email” is displayed. This could occur if the user completes the form for the first time and tries to access the site again on a different device where the cookie is not set. In this circumstance the user can close the popup, but if they try to click the download link again the popup form appears.


    Graham Scott

    Onclick no longer working. I cannot get the Onclick function to work any more on my test page at: http://www.overview.co.uk/index.php/test/. I have the following link code:

    Download Document.

    This was working before with the same code. I’ve tried many different settings. The Pop-up doesn’t appear when the link is clicked, the document just downloads. The browser has cookies cleared and the user is not logged in.

    The Plugin settings are:
    When to show PopUp: Click on certain link / button / other element
    When to close PopUp: After user close it
    Whom to show: Until user makes an action, Remember for 9999 days.
    Hide for Logged-in is not ticked.

    I have tried it with the popup configured to load on ‘When Page Loads’ and ‘User click on the page’ and both work!


    I’m sorry for late response.
    We tried to reproduce this issue on our test servers – and have no luck with this.
    Please contact us through our internal support. We will check what is wrong and will help you to solve the problem.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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