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    Hello, I wrote to you by email several weeks ago and on this forum but you haven’t answered me.
    I have several problems with the Popup plugin:

    1: I bought the premium plugin because the size of the popup didn’t fit well on the devices, but I think that, at the beginning, when I installed it, this did work well. So I wanted to make a popup to make visible on the PC desktop and another popup for mobile devices. Although I have it well configured (hiding the corresponding devices in each popup), the problem is I have been able to see how PC desktop popup is displayed on mobile devices sometimes. It seems the last use of the plugin, depending on which case modifying one of the two popups, affects the incorrect appearance of these. (????)

    2: On the other hand, the responsive mode still doesn’t work well. It isn’t adapted to screens. The popup for mobile devices isn’t completely displayed within the screen limits, and the width setting that I determine doesn’t work.

    3: The field where the e-mail must be written in the subscription popup for mobile devices, doesn’t show the “e-mail” word before writing, and nothing is shown while it is being written, leaving this field blank completely. This seems as if the text you enter is in white color. I have even tried to change it using the CSS code, but this doesn’t change.

    All this is a nuisance. I paid the plugin and it doesn’t solve anything. The average number of subscribers on my site has dropped considerably, this is a disaster. And to top it off, you don’t respond to my email in which I have exposed all these problems.
    Please help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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