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    Feel free to post your questions about Supsystiс plugins, themes and services before purchasing. If you want some custom development request, fill free to contact us in the “Custom Works Request” topic



    I’m liking the plugin right now and a considering buying the pro version. However, There is a border issue that I can’t seem to overcome. There is a solid black border at the top…and a weird “gap” at the top which seems to force the table down and cut off the bottom border. I can supply an image if necessary. Thanks


    Please tell me what plugin do you mean? Because we have 2 plugins with tables – Pricing Tables and Data Tables Generator.
    Also it would be great – if you provide screenshot of the problem.




    I have the free version of the Easy Google Map-plugin, and I’m wondering if I should upgrade to the premium version.

    There are TWO functions, that I need – and I hope they are in the premium version, or that you’ll conside adding them:

    1) The ability to PRINT the content of the “map-cards” (you know, the window that pops up when you click a pin/marker)

    2) The ability to LINK directly to a map where one particular “map-card” is open.

    And by the way: is it possible to change the width of the “map-cards”.

    All the best.


    Hi @udgang99!

    Please describe more detail how it should work. If I understood you correctly – you want next things:

    1. Print button should be in the marker window and print a description of this marker
    2. Add to link something like this – #gmpMarker=1 – where 1 is the ID of marker, and if there is such code in the link – description of the marker will be opened by default when page is loaded

    Am I right?



    So far the plugin has helped me get my gallery really close to how I want it to look. I have a couple questions about the plugin.

    1. I have my gallery set up as a fixed horizontal. Is there any way to add arrows on the left and right in addition to the scrollbar at the bottom? Or to have arrows instead?

    2. My images are showing up pixelated, even though the size I set is smaller than the actual jpeg size.

    3. When the gallery is loading, a loading image pops up, but I would prefer nothing was there. Can I change this?

    4. Is there a way to keep the pop up lightbox a standard size when clicking through the images instead of adapting to the size of each image?

    Thank you!



    1. Please contact us through our internal support. We will help you to solve the problem.

    2. Please provide me link to your gallery. I will check what is wrong.

    3. We will improve this. In next version of gallery plugin we will add the ability to hide loading image.

    4. We will add the ability to set fixed size for popup image.



    My gallery link is:


    Please check our response in internal support in ticket about arrows.



    Hello there, I’ve been considering buying the gallery plugin as is seems what I’ve been looking for, and it works just fine as a page-posting gallery. But I would like to use is as a widget as well. I tried to put the Gallery by Supsystic plugin into my footer ads area (loaded for ages) and into my header ads area (didn’t show up at all). Thanks!



    In addition to my previous post – on some computers gallery in the header section doesn’t work but on some it does. On those where the plugin worked there’s some problem with internet explorer presentation (Mozilla and Firefox work fine), printscreens attached:



    Where do the email’s that sign up to receive notification go? I need the list of emails that people have signed up. I have tried to contact you the last week, I need their emails :/ Please!


    Hello @libertyandheartblog

    If you select subscription via WordPress, to find your subscribers go to Users tab on the left navigation menu of WordPress. Each profile of subscriber contains information about user email.
    If you selected subscription to another mail service – all information about your subscribers you can find in your mail service account.
    Also please check this article – It is about all subscription settings.



    In the plugin, there is no option for subscription service to any mail service. Please help guide me sign up



    Hello Mila
    It unfortunately is not being sent to my mail service account. Please help me find the list of people who have signed up soon this is frustrating

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 131 total)
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