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    Please contact us through our internal support and describe detail what mail service you are using for subscription and other subscribe options. We will check what is wrong and will help you to solve the problem.


    Hello @libertyandheartblog

    The option of subscription is available in two our plugins – Coming soon and PopUp by Supsystic.

    In Coming Soon plugin you can find it by making the following steps:
    1. Choose Coming Soon Page in Plugin Mode option. Pick any template and click Edit Template.
    2. Scroll down the opened page, find the subscription field and hover the mouse on it. Tree buttons will appear on the right side from subscription field. Choose the one with three dots on it.
    3. Another menu will appear where you can choose Subscribe settings.
    4. There you can choose WordPress, Aweber and Mailchimp for subscription, set a confirmation message for your subscribers, change the text of success and error messages.
    5. Don’t forget to click Save after the work is done.

    In PopUp plugin you need to:
    1. Choose Subscribe tab and tick Enable Subscription.
    2. In the following menu you can choose all the settings that you need for subscription.

    Please check it.


    Hello @stewartdesi!

    We have released a new version of Gallery plugin with new features for you. There is an option to hide loader for gallery now. You can find it on The Main tab if you scroll down the page. Just choose disable for Gallery loader. (Please check the screenshot Also we have added the ability to set fixed size of popup image. You can find this feature on the Main tab in Popup image section (Please check the screenshot If you have any questions or problems, just let me know.



    I have a few pre-sale questions regarding your Data Tables Generator.
    1. Can the first three rows be set to be ‘header’ rows so that they show up on page 2, 3, etc?
    2. For the ‘comment’ field can the time it takes for the comment to pop-up be adjusted (it is too slow when viewing on a desktop).
    3. For the ‘comment’ field on mobile the time to initially view the comment is very fast, but it also disappears very quickly. Can I adjust this delay to a slower setting?
    4. Do you have any documentation on how to import the data.


    Pat Scanlon

    Hi – We are interested in your PopUp Plugin… Q: We have a 3rd party Marketing Automation system (Click Dimensions) that we use and we want to use your pop up plugin to prompt ppl to signup for our various lists/activities… can we use use the pop up plugin but have email addresses and/or info (our custom form submissions) post directly to our system if we already have the code from that other system?

    aka – can we post results from a form submission to a 3rd party system if we already have the code for doing that post… but still use your plugin as a “wrapper” around that code?





    Hello @an2design
    I’m sorry for late reply.
    1 – I gave your request to our developer. We already have task about freeze option for columns and rows. Developer will review it considering your request. He will respond you as soon as possible. It may take a few days.

    2,3,4 – We will improve comments option for you. It will be done in one the next versions of data table plugin. I will inform you about the updates.



    Hello @patrickscanlon
    As for your question
    Can you, please, describe more specific what do you mean? If you mean this site, then we will add such a function to the pro version of the plugin for you. It will take approximately 2 weeks for upgrading.
    We are waiting for your reply.


    Pat Scanlon

    Anna – Thanks for the replay. :) Yes… we want to be able to post form responses/submissions to our install on We have form code that we created inside clickdimensions which can be placed inside a widget … so it could just be a need to allow us to post the form submission inside your pop up vs having to build any API integration.

    IF it does require API integrations and we wanted to make it a custom job for you… would that still take 2 weeks or could we do it sooner?






    I want to buy the Data Table plug in.
    I have installed it in my site and made a table.

    But the Search Bar, Pagination Link, info text and other features are not coming in my page.
    I have activated all those options
    What is the problem?

    See the page:

    How can I buy your product with all these problems?

    Fazlul Haque


    Hello @Participant

    Please contact us through our internal support and describe detail what mail service you are using for subscription and other subscribe options. We will check what is wrong and will help you to solve the problem.

    Best regards,
    Supsystic Support Team



    Im looking to get the pro version, I like all the features, but I can’t get animated gif to work in the gallery.
    I’m looking to do something like this:
    Is that possible with the pro version?



    Hello @skynandi!

    We will add this option for you in the next version of plugin. But please note that gifs should have the same size as you set in the settings of your gallery for image width and height, in this way your gallery will look nice.



    Can I dislay meta or custom field values in data table? That would be indispensable.


    Hellp @jevgen!

    Please specify what do you mean? Perhaps you can make screenshots, and provide more detailed description. Then I will be happy to answer it.


    Oby Rodriguez

    Data Tables Plugin

    Will the pro version of data table import
    from microsoft excel and will it maintain
    the formatting used in excel ?


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