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    I have just joined this forum to ask that I have a health related website in WordPress and I want to add the new field in registration form as “Previous Medical History”. Is there any free plugin for this which allow me to add field in registration form. I have found a free plugin at here is the link but I am not sure about it. Do you have free plugin similar to this? Reply me it is urgent…


    Hello Oby Rodriguez!

    Yes, Pro Version of Data tables allows importing Excel file and the formatting should be maintained.


    Hello @paulsimmonsfme!

    Check these 2 plugins –,
    Both of them allow users to subscribe and you can add any field to the form.




    I have a question related to internal search. I have tried the Data Table plugin on a site where I list up online stores etc. It works perfectly and just the way I want on both mobile phones and desktop. Thinking of buying the plugin, mainly just to support your great work.

    Anyway, I discovered today that when I perform internal search on my site through my wordpress theme search function, it naturally can’t find the content in the tabes since they are placed on the page/post with shortcodes. Is there a way around it? Would love that people on my page could search and find the information I have written in the tables. The site is:

    Google can find the information fine since they crawl the entire page/post.

    Thanks for any help with this.



    Hello Andreas!

    Unfortunately now search option from your theme won’t find data in tables. However we have already added such improvement to our development scope and will implement it in future. I’ll let you know about the update. Meanwhile you can enable search option in Data Table plugin –



    Tables question. When I select row striping my table disappears, when I uncheck row striping the tables displays? Any idea what would cause this? For the URL Link, is it possible to change the color?




    Hello @edrparsons!

    Please contact us through the Internal Support and we will help you to fix the problem.

    As for link color, try to insert this code into a cell: <a href="" target="_self" style="color: white">Link text</a>

    style="color: white" – here you can use any color or hex code.



    Hi guys,

    I have to use google spreadsheet. If I update my spreadsheet, will it update the data in Data Table?

    Also, if I have several sheets in my document, can I choose the one I want to display?

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Kind regards.



    1. About auto update from Google spreadsheets. We will add this feature for you in one of the next versions of plugin.
    I will inform you about the updates.

    2. Before you are going to import your data from Google spreadsheet – adjust the access to your spreadsheet here – . To choose one of the needed sheets in the document follow next:
    – open document on needed sheet
    – copy document link
    – click Import button in your Table
    – choose Google Spreadsheets in File extension type
    – insert document link into Url field
    – and click Import button below




    I am interested in buying a licence for this plugin. But first I have few questions. I haven’t found answers for them.

    1. Can I export table to Excel or other format, when there are merged cells? Of course, in free version I saw there is an option to export, but most of plugins have problems with export when I want to merge rows or columns.
    2. Is there any live demo with admin panel, that I can try this?





    Do you have a toggle feature being added to this plugin. I want to be able to change the price displayed in my pricing table when the customer clicks on a button. eg Add BYO Modem ($20) and when they select it it updates the price.

    Many thanks, love your plugin.


    Hi @david68136

    We will add this feature for you in one of the next Pro versions of plugin.
    I will inform you about the updates.


    Hi @j.weselski

    Your issue was redirected to our developer.
    I will inform you about the progress.



    I have a couple of questions about the Google map plugin.
    Firstly, is it possible to have markers from dynamically created list i.e. list of markers created each time map is viewed?
    And is there a maximum number of markers permitted?



    Pre-Sale Questions.

    When a PDF is uploaded where does it go?
    Does it get sent to the recipient email as an attachment or does it go to the media library?
    What is the list of file formats that can be uploaded with the form?

    Thank you.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 128 total)
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