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    Hi @accounts751593

    If you install and activate or update Popup Pro version, all your old popups data will remain the same. Only new pro features will appear and become available for usage.



    Hi, I have done a search of Social Share Plugin & Forum – looking for “Instagram”…found an old post back in 2015:

    “23.12.2015 at 21:33 #6764 mila_support
    Hello Paul,
    Yes, we will add Instagram button anytime soon.”

    Am I missing something or is there a problem having Instagram as an Option?

    Thanks Dennis


    Hi @dennis247545

    Thank you for contacting us about this Social Share Plugin question.

    Unfortunately we cannot add Instagram button to our Social Share plugin. There is no possibility in Instagram to add pictures from other sources. We tried different ways, but unfortunately had no luck with this.

    But, in the case you want something else, related to Instagram and our Social Share buttons – please clarify your issue more detailed. I will be happy to help you.



    Have a question about the Data Table plugin. I am considering the pro version and I want to know if there is a limit to the size of tables. I am thinking of using it with some sports results and there are thousands of results. Also, I have not found this yet but I may not have found it int he docs yet-is there a way to do an advanced search?


    Hi @wizzerkat

    Our Data Tables plugin doesn’t have limitation for rows. But your server can have such restrictions, which were installed by your hosting provider and hosting plan. They usually set limitations to server requests and available memory – so when you exceed that limitations, our plugin can’t proceed your request. In order to resolve this issue you can contact with your hosting provider and ask about server limitations.

    In the hosting provider answer, please, pay attention about server execution time (max_execution_time constant in server settings – your hosting provider should know about it) – it must be around 120 or 240 seconds.

    Also, maybe you can clarify the way you will insert tables inside our plugin – manually or through the import feature? Via Google sheets or excel file?




    I’m liking the plugin right now and a considering buying the pro version. However, I have the Horizontal Slider Gallery, it looks great on a desktop, but not on the phone. Is there a button I am missing to make it mobile friendly? Or does it become mobile friendly? My images are saved for the correct size for web just was wondering if we can have them large for desktop viewers, and smaller for mobile web viewers.


    Pat Scanlon




    Re: Data Tables: I would be importing using Excel. Right now I am using something else for this (non WordPress) and don’t have any execution or memory problems so that should not be a factor. And what about advanced search?


    Hi @jaylynnjj

    Please provide the page link on your site with the gallery. Thus I can see what’s going on and help you.



    I keep receiving update by email from presales or other forum request. Very annoying. How do I unsubscribe this???



    I have a few questions regarding your membership pro plugin. I am creating a website where users need their own profile which they are able to edit from the front end. I also require the ability to separate the users into groups which will be complied into a list that is placed on different pages. As such my questions are as follows:
    1. Do you offer the ability to group users into different groups, if so how many separate groups can be made, and can group creation be limited to admin only?
    2. Can the groups be turned into lists, which can be placed on separate pages as a list, without listing all registered members, only the group members?
    3. Can the Google maps plugin you offer be integrated with the membership plugin to show locations and directions?


    Hi @Mrscherer1s

    1. On the Roles Tab inside Membership plugin admin area you can specify Group actions such as who can create/join/block/read groups for each Membership user role. Roles Tab Documentation
    2. Each Group inside Membership has its members on the Members tab – so they are already listed there.
    3. We already has integration with our Google maps easy plugin, so you can allow other users post specific maps and show locations. More information is here.
    Accordingly showing directions – we will make this real for you on the next week



    Hi, I’d be interested in purchasing the slider plugin, but I do have a couple of questions regarding customization.

    1) I would like to have the arrow navigation outside of the image. Is that possible.
    2) I’d like to get rid of those square navigation below the image.
    3) Move the Caption under the image, not as an overlay

    See screenshot:

    Thank you!


    Hi @estee73

    Thank you for contacting us about your Slider plugin question.


    to get rid of those square navigation below the image.

    they call bullets. You can change you slider to Jssor
    and there you have ability to disable bullets choosing none –

    Speaking about two other things you need – please contact us through our internal support.
    We have a special offer for you.



    Looking at upgrading to pro, pretty much entirely for the Google Sheets integration. One question though, how will Data Tables Pro parse html in a Google Sheet cell, for example. If cell a1 had: Google would the wordpress table display:



    Google(but hyperlinked)

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 128 total)
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