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    I’m interested in buying the Photo Gallery.
    Do I have to pay every year for the PRO. If there’s a recurring cost, it would be nice to add that where people are about to buy it.



    Hello, @gentlemood.

    One site license is available for six months, five sites and unlimited sites license is available for one year.
    In any case, all pro features are still available after pro license has expired. So there is no necessary needs to renew your license after expiration.
    The expiration of pro license regards only to support and pro updates.

    You can learn more about all terms and conditions of the purchase in this document – You can find it in the footer of our website –



    Can I integrate table pricing with Woocommerce?




    I have been testing the Membership plugin lately and I am considering using it and purchasing some of the pro add-ons, like the Photo Gallery and the Live Chat. There are some problems though that I need solved first.

    1) The activity filter is great, but it lacks a major feature: to see only the activity of followed users. This is a must because people in social media usually expect to see their friends posts, not hundreds of posts they are not interested in. This is my biggest problem with the Membership plugin. How can we resolve it?

    2) A user has to go to the Search page to search for posts, to the Members page to search for profiles and to the Groups page to search for groups. I want to add global search too. I’ve tested many search plugins, the WP search widget and the theme’s search icon. None of them work and I always get the message “Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms.”, whether I’ve searched for a post, a profile or a group. (And a suggestion: even if global search is not possible, you should substitute the Search page with a search icon at the top bar – like you have here. People are used to being able to search easily from anywhere; having to navigate to a search page seems tedious and frustrating.)

    3) I want users to be able to have their own galleries and upload photos and videos in their profiles. Is this possible with the Photo Gallery plugin?

    4) Does the Live Chat plugin allow users to chat with each other?

    5) Usernames appear lower case always. E.g. John appears as “john” in his profile. I’d like usernames to be case sensitive and appear as the user registers them, usually capitalized. Is it possible?

    6) Login and Logout are essentially wrong, should be “Log In” and “Log Out”. I corrected Login easily because there is a Login page, but I cannot correct Logout since there is no Logout page. How can I change it?

    Your Membership plugin is maybe the best from all I have tested so far and that is why I am considering using it. But I think that some of these issues should be fixed in order to make it suitable for professional websites.

    Thank you



    I have a question about hypothetical setup where users would be able to input data on the front end and calculations based on their input are performed on the back-end. Is it possible to create a table with calculated values where the formulas are hidden on the front end entirely? Is it possible to exclude hidden cells when users export the table?



    Hello @guni_ateng.
    You can use our pricing with any data – because it just have WySiWYg and all it’s privileges – editor there. But there are no auto integration with Woo – you will need to enter your data in Pricing Table manually.



    Hello @david01985.
    All your inquiries will be developed by our team in nearest future. Some of them require a lot of work – but we will try to integrate them as soon as we will have available development resources (I think we will start in a middle of next week). But only one point we will not do – point 5 about lowercase of usernames. For now – this is how WordPress create usernames, and our plugin should work with WordPress (for sure:)).



    Hello @bustach3rry.
    Yes, sure, just make fields, that contains formulas – hidden – and they will be not visible on frontend. Then create editable fields in your table – that will be visible – and you will have what you need.



    nice post.



    Hi, one cuestion, it’s possible to make calculations between different tables on the Data Tables plugin?, I mean, use a value from another table for make calculations.




    Hello, @tecticsolutions
    Thank you for contacting us regarding your question.
    Yes of course. To do this, we specifically have a feature- Value Shortcode



    Hi dear Supsystic-Team,

    on the website are different galleries created with the free version of Supsystik Photo Gallery. I would like to buy the Pro version and then do the following:

    In each of the already existing galleries there are some pictures which have to be named with the category e.g. “blue”.
    Is it possible to show only the pictures of the category “blue” from these different galleries as a complete gallery on a single page?
    Or do all images in the category “blue” have to come from a single gallery?

    Best regards, Rainer



    I’ve got a pre-sale question concerning the “Data Tables” plugin.

    If I used a “Database Source” and an “SQL Query” as source for the resulting table, would I am able to also use function to sort the resulting table by table columns (this function:

    Thanks in advance,



    I can answer myself now: Yes, it works like a charm. Great stuff, this plugin!



    Thank you :)

    And sorry we haven’t answered you earlier :)
    Anyway, please feel free to write to us if you have questions of need help.

    Best regards,

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