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    i buy it,but support not reply me contact…


    Hello, @springlove1981
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Please write ticket number that remained unanswered.

    Best regards,



    Hi there,

    I’m going to buy your Photo Gallery Plugin, so please help me in these questions.

    First, is there any way to display (manual or automatic) all the galleries in 1 post (or page)? I want to display all galleries, with listing (or grid) galleries’ titles + first image of the gallery, and paging with every 20 galleries per page for example? (something like this

    Second, is there any way to use the gallery in 2 forms? Like I want to use that gallery for my other post (display all the image in that post), and also using that gallery in the listing post/page above, display only first image? Or I need to create 2 galleries, one with checkbox “Display only first image” and one without?

    Third, how can I post the gallery to public, without a post contained it? Like I create a gallery, and if my readers know the link to it, they can read it, but it is not shown as published post on my site.

    Thank you for your help.



    I am enjoying the plugin and am happy to purchase a single site license to support your company, but I need to verify the following functionality as I cannot identify if it is capable. Can I restrict the search functionality of a single table to a specific column or columns? Right now, the search function searches all columns and rows that are not hidden. I like the Hidden cell/row functionality, but for what I need that will not work for me. I need to be able to only search specific columns and show all of the columns/row in the table that match the search parameter.

    Thank you!



    We need to be able to display a handful of custom attributes after someone clicks on the thumbnail image.
    On this page: it says “Show Attributes. This option adds an Attributes Panel to the pop-up window. All custom attributes will be displayed in this panel. Note: this option works only with Popup theme #6.” Is there a way to have this feature work with our existing theme also or is that a hard limit?

Viewing 5 posts - 121 through 125 (of 125 total)

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