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    i buy it,but support not reply me contact…


    Hello, @springlove1981
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Please write ticket number that remained unanswered.

    Best regards,



    We need to be able to display a handful of custom attributes after someone clicks on the thumbnail image.
    On this page: it says “Show Attributes. This option adds an Attributes Panel to the pop-up window. All custom attributes will be displayed in this panel. Note: this option works only with Popup theme #6.” Is there a way to have this feature work with our existing theme also or is that a hard limit?


    Hello, @kathy21239
    Thank you for contacting us regarding your question!
    This option currently only works for Theme # 6

    Best regards,



    I am serioudly considering to buy the datatable plugin but for some reason this continous to be happening for days now that i cannot resolve..
    can you please help ? [sending picture-link with problem ]
    i add tables to it and it shows everything nicesly till the 9th row. Afterwards they all seem stack together or like no data is imported. Please help me out.

    and in the front-page
    i cannot understand why this problem is still there !!!



    Hello Guys,

    First of all, great plugin. I think I have found in your Tables plugin what I need in order to achieve the desired shape for my table.
    But before I buy your plugin please tell me…if I can integrate into a table a digital signature for my clients and then to have a share option for my tables to send it to different email addresses

    Let me be clearer about what I want to achieve.

    I what my employees to login…then to be redirected to a page where this complex table will be (need to have a digital signature and share via email) ….after they complete the fields with the client to be able to send this form to different email addresses.

    I can achieve this or not?

    Many thanks


Viewing 6 posts - 121 through 126 (of 126 total)

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