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    Hi, I would like to have a bit more explanation on how the pro feature works before I am allow to buy it
    Please bare with me, I am not an expert.
    I want to “publish” some PDF files with mostly text for research purposes. Sort of like books. We don’t want those books downloaded, printed or exported, only able to search on them.
    1.- Some publications have 800 pages, can the plugin handle it?
    2.- When you upload a PDF document with 800 pages can it be done in one step or do you have to upload each page one by one
    3.- When you upload the PDF it seems to transform it into an image file. How can then be text searchable…
    4.- I have a publication index/list in html format that gets called into an Iframe in my webpage. That list would have the links to the publications in the Digital Publication plugin. How can I do that, can I do that? or what do you recommend…
    You can see the library list here Biblioteca
    Please help as soon as possible, I am in a timeframe 🙁


    Hi, @mosha_sch.
    Let me answer your questions step by step.

    1. If you have a “powerfull” server, you can try to work wuth 800 pages publication. But usually we recommend to split required file to approximately 20 MB parts. I think 800 pages files can be too heavy. Anyway, you can send it to us via internal support and I’ll try it on our average test server.

    2. When you upload all required pages, you can simply click on “Create Pages” button. Please note: this process can take some time if you want to create pages for a big amount at one time.

    3. Publications, that were created from PDF are not searchable. Search option is working for publications, which were created from WordPress pages.

    4. Our plugin – is the publication itself. If you want to show it as it is in a special way – by clicking on an element, etc. – this is the customization of your website using our publication. To do this, you need to refine your template website theme, because, unfortunately, we can not make a fully custom solution in our plug-in to make it suitable for everyone. Thank you for understanding!
    To do what you want – you just need to add the button (icon) to the page, by clicking on it – the popup will be opened, which will have our publication inside.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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