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    Hi, I’ve bought the Pro Google Maps Easy, and I like it, but I have some problems:
    1. I would like to create a map of climbing sites in my country, and all the sites have some climbing sectors, and the sectors have some climbing routes, so I’ve made a category “sites” and category “sectors”, which is a sub-category of “sites”. So my questions are:
    – Is it possible to have some sub-categories in the main category?
    – Can the sub-category be visible after clicking on the main category?

    2. In the marker’s description I have a name of the climbing sector, and then I would like to have a list of climbing routes, but the list should be visible just after the click on the name of the list. I use the HTML tag – <details> , it’s working fine, but when I click “save marker” there is a space (sometimes more) between the name of the sector and the list, so the marker’s description is too big. This is an example:

    sektor Lietacky 

    <details open=””> <summary>List</summary>

    1. Test 1
    2. Test 2
    3. Test 3


    Can you please help me? Shall I use some other tag?



    Hi, @palovavro8
    Sure you can create subcategories using our plugin. Here is an example screenshot for you:
    “Can the sub-category be visible after clicking on the main category?” – you can check the main category, and all subcategories will be checked with it automatically.

    About your second question – can you make a screenshot how it looks on your website?
    I tried your code on our test server and here is the result: – please note, I made the list hidden by default, so you should click on “List” to open it.
    Also, I removed all spaces between </summary> and “Test 1” – then the free space in description gone.

    Please, try to change your code as on provided screenshot and let us know the results.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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