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    Wondering if a Table Filter Shortcod is possible …

    I have a table that I’d like to post on several pages within my site, e.g.:

    Page 1 – full table
    Page 2 – table filtered e.g. Column A (year) = 2018
    Page 2 – table filtered e.g. Column A (year) = 2018 and Column B (mode) = Motorcycle
    Page 2 – table filtered e.g. Column C (who) contains Becca
    and so on.

    Use Case: This way I can maintain and display the single table as a whole item, but then also display filtered items customized to a given page. Current alternative (that I can find) is to create individual tables, and not have one single complete table to display. Also higher maintenance as I add or delete or modify columns which I want to standardize across the information.

    You have a wonderful variety of shortcode options! If this variation already exists I’m not seeing it for what it is and just slap me upside the head and point me in the right direction. :0)



    Sorry for late response and thank you for your idea. I’m still waiting for reply of our developers. I’ll write to you when I have more information.

    Best regards,



    Awesome, thanks! I look forward to hearing what they say about it. :0)




    I was wondering if this shortcode variation is already implemented? O is there another way to accomplish this task.

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi, any news?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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