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    I’ve cloned a table, and when saving it, it completely disappears.
    I’ve edited a table, and after much work, it disappeared.
    I emailed support, without response.

    I now have a discounted pricing on my site and I lose money every day, not to speak about losing my mind yesterday, when my special ended.
    My site looks unprofessional, with a special that ended on June 21st, and a counter gone to 0.

    My only mistake was that I didn’t create a backup before I edited the evergreen table.
    But, wait, wouldn’t I have lost that too?

    I want to pay for the Pro version, but I won’t put my money in a product that doesn’t have support.
    After testing the free version, I don’t have enough reason, should you not help in a timely manner.
    Please respond.

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